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  2. Snowballfight!!

    The poor kid...................... No fair using snowballs bigger than him.
  3. Decorate the scene, 2017

    How very cute!
  4. Decorate the tree, 2017

    will get it done tomorrow. Have to go out tonight.
  5. Can you find it?

    I found a snowman and a person who are lost in this forest looking for THE BIRD! ugh!
  6. Today
  7. Can you find it?

    My eyes are bleeding, 3 pair of eyes but no bird
  8. Decorate the tree, 2017

    How fun, I remember we did once before
  9. Make this tree festive!
  10. What can you do with this?
  11. Can you find it?

    Find the cardinal is this picture:
  12. Snowballfight!!

    You can run from me....
  13. Final Contest of 2017

    I do not see it in any of my folders; please try again.
  14. Snowballfight!!

    Well, these are fighting words!
  15. My site

    It looks great; wish I could read more of it. The music is very nice, and all the ZT items there in one place, so many wonderful things.
  16. My site

    I still work with this site link in signature
  17. Snowballfight!!

    One for Oklahoma
  18. New ways

    OK, no difference really then...I was just curious, a cfg is not more than halv a kb, so I will not change how I make things. Thank you guys
  19. New ways

    One less config (.cfg) file makes the .ztd file a bit smaller. I also think the .ucb file is processed a bit more efficiently by the game.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Final Contest of 2017

    My zoo has been sent in! Please let me know if you got it or if I need to resend it :) Thank you so much for doing these contests for us Mary :D HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
  22. Cromer Zoo part 2

    Your penguin exhibit is very nice. I like the waterfall and the raised area around it.
  23. Snowballfight!!

    My snowballs are so big that they hit you both!
  24. Snowballfight!!

    Moose down! moose down! for you Norn
  25. New ways

    I don't think it has to do with the sound file, that seems to be as usual...but who am I to know...the only difference I have noticed is that you don't need to add the cfg file
  26. Cromer Zoo part 2

    Poinsettias are about the only red flower I havent used!
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