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Welcome Fall!

3D Isometric Animal Statues Part 11 by RDingFT

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1 Screenshot

About This File

3D isometric animal statue part 11


"In zt1, there are some females use different images for a different looking, so I made some for those base animals.

In real life, the female animals usually smaller than the males, but in zt1, some use the same images, like tigers, rhinos, or elephants. Usually to make a new female, just let it smaller or have a different color hues, so not so important to make a new image.

For example, the elephant, the female is smaller and has shorter ivories, so I think I don't make another one for these statue parts to balance the game animals. Unless I ignore it in the future this ha ha."



Female African Lion

Female Barbary Lion

Female Asiatic Lion

Female Moose (I forgot to place water under it for the pic ha ha, but water placeable.)

Female Mountain Gorilla

Female Greater Kudu

Female Gaur

Female South African Ostrich

Female Red Kangaroo

Female Nelson's Bighorn Sheep



All are exhibit and water placeable.


Many thanks to Fern for her help on these statues: for file checking, testing, zipping and getting them ready to be posted here at Tek :)


Please click on the picture to see the full screenshot.

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