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Welcome Fall!


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  1. Zooing again zoo by Zoogrammy

    I love the covered bridge, I used to have the Dry Gulch stuff, but I don't remember this combination. I'm eagerly awaiting your scary zoo, ZG.
  2. Cromer Zoo part 2

    Your prehistoric additions look great; the greenhouse section is very nice. I've never seen the different greenhouses used together before; it works really well.
  3. Cromer Zoo part 2

    Love the open feel and excellent viewing of the exhibits. I have to say, that is the greenest savannah ever; that hack is amazing.
  4. Halloween 2017

    Love the color palette of your screen, Cricket!
  5. msc3323's new Zoo

    Not able to see that last post of pictures. In the ones right before, I love that red river hog exhibit. Everything looks so well developed and lush.
  6. Genki's Rock Pack – Combined

    How could it be possible that his pack was originally released 10 years ago? We've been around a long, long time, folks!
  7. Cromer Zoo part 2

    The primate area is very cool!
  8. Halloween 2017

    These are so much fun! I want to see more!
  9. Halloween 2017

    Can't wait to see this!
  10. Vondell's Current Projects

    Wow. There are 30 pages of awesomeness in this topic. I love the concrete walls, the bridge, the pond, so many wonderful projects. Vondell, I had no clue you used to be Volksdragon. It is so exciting and inspiring to see all this designing going on.
  11. General oddities you've noticed?

    I've never seen these extras before. Could one of you brilliant young designers please make/remake the backdrop end? One of the odd things that everyone has seen over the years is the way some of the animals glide around, especially on water. I also always used the Super Hack by Jordan, and it's crazy to see a zookeeper swim out into the middle of the water and then try to place food.
  12. Cromer Zoo part 2

    Oh my, these are so beautiful!
  13. Halloween 2017

    Love these creepy shots, ladies!