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  1. Important Updates for Downloads

    Ok think I got it thanks
  2. Important Updates for Downloads

    yes I have them
  3. Important Updates for Downloads

    I have Dlls that are old for things do I delete them all?
  4. My site

    Was just there great site thanks
  5. Water Wheel

    Thanks been looking for something like this for quite some time thanks again
  6. Windows 10

    I have 10 computers and all have been updated to Win 10 and had no problems. Both Zoo tycoons are on 5 of them with no trouble. 10 seams to be a lot better then 8.1 like the new start button.
  7. RSN Complete Collection/Around The World Pack

    No hurry if ztuncrated has no download no need to get on the site
  8. RSN Complete Collection/Around The World Pack

    Tried to join but won't send val code
  9. Mega Zoo

  10. ZT1 User-created MUST HAVES

    Great Have been looking a long time. Had on but lost it Thanks Arizona
  11. ZT1 User-created MUST HAVES

    I would love to have a french fry stand or building. There used to be one but can't find it now.
  12. Mega Zoo

    Ok Thanks
  13. Mega Zoo

    Caddie found a map that i could modify to get a larger zoo 1 to 2 spaces from edge seems to work well will test more
  14. Mega Zoo

    Must have been for ZT only Still looking for a mega zoo for all versions.