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  1. Phoenix Skins 2

    I love it too! So relaxing! The funny thing is... I logged on after not being home in over a month, and found this new skin. I tried for almost 15mins to get to the right forums! I thought I was doing something wrong or made some sort address mistake...until I found this topic!!! ahaha I'm so glad to be back and can't wait to play again! Did I miss anything??? ox Katy
  2. New Easter 2014 Goodies!

    Please believe me when I say...you guys have done an amazing job on all these new items for Easter!! Not only those items..but all of these items that have been made by all of you for many years now. I can't believe some of the ideas and time you all have put forth for not just yourselves..but for everyone to use. I love my Zoo Tycoon for many years now, but since I have met all of you and this forum, I have not had this much fun with my game ever! Till now! Thank-you EVERYONE for all the time, all the effort and all the support when we all need it!! I have solved so many issues in my game because of the answers you all took time to answer for me. Especially a THANK-YOU to Savannahjan!!! She has took me under her wing since I signed up on this forum. She has wrote to me everyday with answers and knowledge and even opening the door to getting to know her family. This might sound silly, but I don't have family in my life. I was adopted, and lost my mother and only myself and my father are left...but since I have signed up here..she has been someone who I look up to and can't wait to talk to every single day :) Thanks everyone for the great things you offer to all of us. Katy :animated-smileys-spring-009:

    Wow!!!! This zoo is BEAUTIFUL! It makes you want to truly visit there! This is the way Zoo's should look during holidays! Wow...great job :) :winnersmiley:
  4. Sooooo cute and pretty!
  5. Highland Hills zoo

    Thanks! Can't wait to get started! :cheerleader2:/>
  6. Highland Hills zoo

    HI everyone! For those who don't remember, my name is Katy. I notice there is a contest starting? I would love to participate!! But have a lot of questions. I get the part that you need one animal on your list for each category.Umm...and that's about it lol!! Do I download the zoo that you posted in a link? What is "Off Site Files from DG"? Is this something I have to use? Any other info to help me understand would be great, This is my 1st contest!! Oh..and most important..I use only the original ZT, is it better to use the CC edition? Thank-you in advance, Katy :animated-smileys-spring-009:/>
  7. problem since reinstalling ZT1

    Hehehe Am so excited!! :) :splum-fairy-smiley:
  8. Alpine Lodge and Batsu crashing pc!

    Thank-you so much, am reading everything recently that you suggested..learning a lot..thanks!
  9. problem since reinstalling ZT1

    Okay, just seeing how to check it lol!
  10. problem since reinstalling ZT1

    I have always used the original. Just started all these problems. I'm definitely looking where the ZTCC is sold in my area. Thanks guys for your help. I get it now..it's very obsolete!
  11. problem since reinstalling ZT1

    Thank-you, I will try both of those. I used to use a freeform unlock before I reinstalled..and now none of them work! I wonder if my game reinstalled wrong...this is so fustrating!!
  12. problem since reinstalling ZT1

    Hey everyone! I am so sorry to bug you AGAIN but I don't understand what is going on with my game... Maybe someone here will know something?? I reinstalled a few days ago, I have all scenarios completed except the last panda one. When I download your buildings...they do not show up! But when I check my saved scenarios games..or try to start a new scenario...they are there and working!!! Anyone know why? Is something wrong with my game? Or do I need to do all scenarios to unlocked the buildings? A lot of my files have DATES beside them..I don't know why.. I posted a screenshot on my 1st post in this topic..maybe someone knows why only the buildings don't work..but all the rest of your downloads do.. Thanks again Katy :swear1:
  13. problem since reinstalling ZT1

    Hey Guys I have the single CD, the original ZT I'm on year 5 on a Freeform zoo. (But!!!...I am on year 5 yes...but my zoo hasn't OFFICIALLY opened yet, because I am still building things and there's no people in it..cause no animals! Maybe that's why nothing has unlocked yet???) lol When I start a brand new zoo on Freeform, I start off with my animals, plus the Yeti, Asian Elephant and the rest come when the Research program is completed. But I remember before I reinstalled, I had all the fancy buildings, like the restroom, drink, etc..available on Freeform... But now there gone! I have most of my scenarios done...except one beginner (Christmas Tree Farm) one intermediate (Beach Resort) and one advanced (Panda Bear). <------- I used a cheat for the rest but for some reason those didn't get completed lol I looked in the files to see if anything was not familiar, and I see the fancy buildings files. Each one is duplicated...and the asian elephant has 3 different files itself!....here I will Screenshot for you before I get myself lost! >.< or confuse you! Thank-you kindly for your time! Katy :animated-smileys-spring-009:/>
  14. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone here knows anything about why my items like "Fancy Buildings" are not available in FreeForm games. Only there for Scenarios. I recently reinstalled my ZT1 from my CD completely..even my saved games. So I am starting from new again, But it's been 10 years since I have starting from scratch, so I can't remember much! All I have now is 4 fences..picnic tables, flag, some buildings. All the other objects come available after about 1 year or 2 in game using the research program. But what about the other items like Fancy Buildings, restrooms, drink stands etc.. I can only use them in scenarios and not Freeform. If anyone has an idea, pls let me know! Thank-you so much! Katy