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  1. Zoo Tycoon 1 Animals in Zoo Tycoon 2

    Ah thanks for the replies, and if I need anything I'll ask. I'll go looking for these downloads you mentioned, several of which I knew of but most of which I was not aware of. Thanks again! :)
  2. Vondell's Current Projects

    Wow! Excited to see what else you have in store.
  3. Zoo Tycoon 1 Animals in Zoo Tycoon 2

    Sad indeed, I'm digging around right now. If I can't find what I want I'll just switch to realistic animals. I hope that Radical Remake can finish soon enough, seriously there are several animals, especially extinct, that have yet to get a realistic remake, and that is one of the reasons I prefer cartoony.
  4. Zoo Tycoon 1 Animals in Zoo Tycoon 2

    Yeah, but the problem is that most of those are, um... "new" and "updated" and detailed. I want them to be like the original Zoo Tycoon where they are cartoony and clunky. I like the style more, it feels unique.

    So... what exactly is the PPNE? I mean looks like a massive encyclopedia, but what exactly does it have? Is it a list with pictures? More descriptive than that? I mean regardless it looks pretty incredible. If I could, I would like to request access. Could I have a password?
  6. Zoo Tycoon 1 Animals in Zoo Tycoon 2

    Oh yeah I forgot one or two of those. Not that they are 100% necessary, but I would like to have those as well.
  7. I was wondering if anyone knew somewhere to find the animals that were in ZT1 but removed in ZT2? I want quality downloads, and I would prefer in the old sort of cartoony/clunky look of the original Zoo Tycoon 2, not the more modern accurate/precise style. I know that sounds weird, well maybe it doesn't, but I really love the older more "primitive" style for some reason (and I like everything to be consistent). Some of these are probably in the downloads on this site but I just wanted to throw the whole list together just for completeness and because I'm lazy and don't want to weed out the ones I already know where to find (I got rid of all of my downloads to start fresh on Zoo Tycoon 2). If you find one I already have, that's really a good thing, maybe it's better, plus I forget where I got most of them anyway. Otherwise, is it possible for some of these to ever be made in that old style? I doubt it but I'm wondering. "Normal" -African Leopard -American Bighorn Sheep -Arctic Wolf -American Black Bear -Blackbuck -Clouded Leopard -Giant Anteater -Llama -Malayan Tapir -Mexican Grey Wolf -Olive Baboon -Saltwater Crocodile -Siberian Tiger -Spotted Hyena -Western Lowland Gorilla Extinct -Allosaurus -Apatosaurus -Camptosaurus -Caudipteryx -Coelophysis -Gallimimus -Herrerasaurus -Iguanodon -Lambeosaurus -Macrauchenia -Meiolania/Giant Tortoise -Plateosaurus -Plesiosaurus -Spinosaurus -Woolly Mammoth Marine -Atlantic Swordfish -Bluefin Tuna -Bowhead Whale -Common Sawfish -Elephant Seal -Giant Squid -Great Barracuda -Green Moray Eel -Harbor Porpoise -Humpback Whale -Lion's Mane Jellyfish -Pacific Octopus -Shortfin Mako Shark -Sperm Whale -Tiger Shark Mythical -Bigfoot -Loch Ness Monster -Mermaid -Unicorn -Yeti Other stuff I want that is not in the original game that I want in ZT2 include a downloadable quagga (I found one here in the downloads but it didn't show up in my game) and a Dilophosaurus. Really, well made anything in this style is welcome (typically I flock to Penguinman's website). That's a lot more than expected. If there is no other option I'm perfectly okay with just using more accurate and precise, modern Zoo Tycoon 2 mods. I know I can get most of these then.
  8. Prehistoric Kingdom

    For those of you into dinosaurs, there is a new game similar to Zoo Tycoon, focused on prehistoric creatures. The game is called Prehistoric Kingdom, and I definitely look forward to it. It should be released sometime next year, I think, but no release date is set. Here is their website: http://www.prehistorickingdom.com/ There is a developer blog, a forum, and an incomplete wiki. It is one of the forums I frequent.
  9. Zoo Museum by Jane

    Haha yes! Always wanted a museum.
  10. Zoo Admin **(Site No Longer Exists)**

    I remember before I even had Zoo Tycoon 2 I was interested in its modding scene. I remember when I first got the game I started downloading mods almost immediately. Zoo Admin was a place I basically ignored because it wasn't as cool or fancy as places like... Round Table for instance. Now I typically prefer the cartoony sort of downloads that are similar to the style of original Zoo Tycoon 2 and Zoo Admin's downloads. So it is sad to see it go, sadder to think that I only just knew about this, and probably more sad realizing I should have taken advantage of it when it existed. Luckily, the downloads are saved. Guess I'll be working on digging those up.
  11. No Grass, Please!

    I was very hopeful for this, did P. Rex die? The progress made on the mod so far is already fantastic.
  12. The Aeon Zoo Society - Gabelsburg Zoo

    Wow, incredible. It looks so simple yet complex. Everything just sort of... fits together so well. I always try out these types of things in Zoo Tycoon 2 but I'm just awful at scenery and I'm never satisfied.
  13. Vondell's Current Projects

    I've been stalking this thread for so long (since I'm pretty much a forum lurker), but I hadn't even realized Vondell was posting again. Very interesting sketches there, and I hope people can get some use out of the files uploaded. Hope you can find time at some point, but it is so unfortunate when life gets in the way. Sincerely, a forum lurker.
  14. Mowgli's Jungle

    Very nice but there is a hack that makes it so that animals are happy with any exhibit they get, so you can move those animals to jungle. It should be in the download section here.
  15. The Sanctuary - zoo & biopark

    I don't typically like to look at other people's zoos for anything other than some inspiration, but holy crap, I would be completely lying if I said I didn't absolutely adore everything in this thread. You are amazing! Everything is so professional looking, both the guides and exhibits. I wish I was this talented, and now i am inspired to do something similar for my own personal enjoyment. I love the scenery especially, the way you make it look like some weird Disney park or something. I typically just ignore scenery downloads, but this is really quite compelling! Say, I noticed some of your animals are downloads. I'm not sure if you remember or if you will even respond to me, or if you will even care, but do you have any particular animals that you would recommend? I was looking around and the only animals I have really caught on to were Taz's few animals and Vondell's Aldabra Tortoise. I think this is my first post on this forum, but I've been a lurker for a while. And as you might be able to tell, I like to ramble on a lot.