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  1. I really appreciate all the replies! 1) I was aware of all the guides that indicate what terrain composition an animal *desires* (and in fact can also look inside the .ai or .uca files to see it), but didn't know if there was a way to see what one *has constructed*. Would be helpful to know if there's a square of grass left unchanged, etc., especially when bulldozing a pre-made area. Guess there isn't such an indicator, just have to rely on the zookeeper's comments. 2) I wanted to see if I could create a max # of animals in a herd animal exhibit, which would require > 100 squares, and it became difficult to tell what area I'd enclosed. Guess there's no easy way to know, but indeed in the future I'll usually make 10x10. 3) I found the ztp copy of sundance300's guide, and Jordan's similar guide, but there are a number of .ai entries not explained in either. Mostly motivated by curiosity and programming interest. TY again.
  2. 1) When making an exhibit, is there a way to show what % of an exhibit is of (not the animal's desire, but actually used) various terrain types, like "55% sand, 10% dirt, 35% grass"? 2) Is there a way to show the size in squares of an exhibit, either in area or perimeter? 3) Is there a definitive guide to all the entries in an .ai or .uca file? TY
  3. Once again, where to download current APE, etc.

    Fern, TY! I had had trouble finding Apexp/ape 3, thanks for pointing it out. All the previous versions seem to require swapping in config files, which made it difficult especially for bongo, a downloaded animal. Since there's still some community around, I'd recommend making a sticky of the apexp note. I also used an excellent old "uca editing guide" from ZKL by Sundance300 from 1/16/04. TY again.
  4. Just returned to ZT 1 after years, and the online community support seems to have become quite confusing (with various mirrors) and fragmented (except for some constants like Fern); I hope somebody has a cache of all the old sites. I have ZT Complete Collection, and would like to dabble in editing, based on existing animals. I *believe* I need APE, but not sure what version (xp?) (I have a couple different old versions of 1.1, but can't find where to download the newest version for CC that hopefully doesn't corrupt the .ai files). I tried ape 2.5 (regular, MM, and DD versions) to for example look at Updates\bongo.ztd, but they none of them seem to open anything in that. I'll also take a look at zoot 1.1 from Designer's Guild, and ztstudio. TY in advance