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  1. Glitch with site loading

    Yes, it worked. A million Thanks for fixing the problem, it would've been really frustrating if it weren't for you.
  2. Glitch with site loading

    I seem to have a glitch or something with my account. The site loads normally before I sign in, but after I sign in Most of the site's image and many other things don't load, and I can't change my theme from "Summer Fun" Note: Before signing in the sites theme is the current default one, but after logging in becomes "Summer Fun" and doesn't load properly, so the problem might be with the theme I think ?
  3. Vondell's Current Projects

    I think snakes would be a good addition, even though animating them would be a tremendous task, if you can use ZT2 animals and render their animations into ZT1 frames it would be pretty easy(The ZT2 snake animations are pretty realistic). Most, if not all snake mods for ZT2 a PD(Public Domain) which means you are free to use them as long as you credit the original designer. I also think Prehistoric reptiles made from ZT2 animals would be great.
  4. my projects

    Southern Sunfish(Mola Ramsayi) along with it's tiny, brown, larval young. Estuary Stingray EDIT: sorry I am having trouble posting on the forums, as it seems that the browser doesn't load the complete page
  5. Using Win Hex To Make Dimorphic Animals

    The base is the velociraptor
  6. Zoo Tycoon 1 Animals in Zoo Tycoon 2

    Most of the cartoony animals are lost.
  7. Using Win Hex To Make Dimorphic Animals

    I have the same problem genki reported, and I don't understand what fern means by "go line by line" What uca. edits do I have to make ?
  8. Zoo Tycoon 1 Animals in Zoo Tycoon 2

    Search here: http://zt2downloadlibrary.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Living_Animals
  9. New Attractions

    I thought they had the swim bladder removed because they are dead but don't float
  10. New Attractions

    It wouldn't be that realistic to rebrand fish with the swim bladder removed as tetras, IMO
  11. New Attractions

    So, more ideas. A scenery "Pump systems and Marine Animal Life Support" Building that could be placed adjacent to tanks and tank filters. An Aquatic animal food preparation building. A 'Terrapin and Sea Turtle House".
  12. July contest

    Sorry I replyed to an old post and thought it was new, so I removed it.
  13. Atlantean Watchtower

    Perfect for any marine themed area
  14. New Attractions

    I've got another idea! So the idea in this might be weird, but I would like to have small animated scenery for small/medium tanks with the offspring some MM animals(Tunas, Sea turtles, any the other small fish and creatures.)as a special display for the animals, or even have a shelter portal that connects to the mini tanks, but only for the young, and when the young animals enter, you can see them in the tank outside. More aquariums like Dr Rick's scenery Atlantis Aquarium, but displaying fish from the pelagic ecosystem(Indo Pacific Sailfish, Bluefin Tuna, Herring, Sargassum Fish Inside Floating Sargassum Seaweed, Peruvian Anchoveta and Atlantic Pomfret)