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  1. right now: Grasslands Path ZTUFGrassPath.ztd
  2. zootycoonunleashed.com... closed.. I wanna get some files from them, particularly : grassland related files.. Anybody still have them? Packs will be better..
  3. Desert Foliage

    Desert Foliage Currently Unavailable Site: Zoo Admin Author : Krimmsun Category : foliage link: http://www.ztcdd.org/DD/index.php?topic=1690.msg1800#msg1800 If anybody still have it please upload here... I need it for my Desert Maniac Collection.. :gathering:
  4. Another ZTFMenuHack

    My first Custom Menu: Desert Maniac
  5. Another ZTFMenuHack

    ...:woot-smiley: Except..I misunderstood you... Of course.. your information about the existence of other menu hack , I appreciate ... Thanks very much...:254:
  6. Another ZTFMenuHack

    Conflict? Nop.. I already installed and testing 4 new filter menu below official one.. See...? If there are conflict.. than this image want show up...
  7. posting image in forum

    You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community. How to posting image in forum.. I wanna posting replay with an image, using paste command but I always get error with above message.. please help.. It's seem the pasted image always in .png format (checked with inspect element in firefox) and I do not know how to change it into .jpg..
  8. Echidna Unavailable

    I cannot acquired Echidna from zooadmin.net. File may be missing.. Anybody still posses it? Please upload here..
  9. Black Panther by Krimmsun

    Wonderfull...thanks very much..
  10. Birds

    Flightless Birds pleasee..
  11. Any body posses Black Panther by Krimmsun...? Please upload... I need it for completing the Tri Site YAFI map... It is no longer available anywhere...
  12. Another ZTFMenuHack

    ZTFMenuHack by Guest works just fine.. ..menu hacks conflict with one another... that implies there many other (filter) menu hack out there? where I can find them?
  13. Another ZTFMenuHack

    I need tutorial how to create new sort menu below official menu like Zoo Tek 'ZTFMenuHack.v1.5.' did..I wanna add new categories, say cats family, bears family, etc.. to avoid overcrowded selection menu for animals..but unlike Zoo Tek which puts animals in update folder, I wanna put each category in their own folder... Is it possible...?
  14. Phoenix Lang dll by Jane

    I cannnoooot find where to download theeseee file...