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  1. baby bongo born in LA zoo

    So cute. ^_^ Totally forgot what a bongo was, but recognized the name as a special ZT animal. Must adopt more bongos when I play.
  2. Christmas Card List 2016

    Got your card today, Pukkie. Thanks! =D "Gelukkig Niewjaar" ^_^
  3. How would you get the answer from the doll? Pull-string, squeeze, or 8 Ball-style shaky-window thing? Of course, you could go really high-tech (or 'high-Zoo Tek' XP) with a fancy user-interface and built-in database. Lol.
  4. Christmas Card List 2016

    Oops. Just now read this. :( Can I still get on board with this?
  5. Happy Thanksgiving!

    (I knew there had to be a thread for this.) Have a happy one, too! :D
  6. Vondell's Current Projects

    What animal would I want? I'd want a dairy cow. :) (Yes, I sometimes prefer a quaint farm over a zoo. It brings me back to my childhood spent in rural Illinois.)
  7. Funny names & e-mail addresses

  8. show animals

    Nice idea, Jbl89. A tank would work for tigers because they can swim. A platform surrounded by water does not seem strange to me if there is only one tile of water around it. Water can add beauty to any exhibit, including a show. I hope you are able to either find a suitable partner for this or figure it out on your own. Neither is likely, I know, but, if your vision remains unrealized, I still admire it. :)
  9. Ground Cover Path Pack by ZZ and Cricket

    The rainbow quiggle approves. :P (Anyone else grow up playing on Neopets.com?)
  10. Truly_happy's Projects, Ideas and To-do's

    Well, ladies and gentletycoons, I have entered a chapter in Life where Zoo Tycoon (and making new things for it) must sit patiently in the corner until Mommy is ready to play with it again. I may find time to finish the signs that I kept talking about. They should be very close to completion. If not, I could leave the files with someone who has time to fix things. Ta ta for now. PS: Don't be surprised if I make regular posts on Phoenix Follies. (I won't give that up!)
  11. Quickie zoo

    Yeah ... I think I went a little mad with the downloads, but I had to create my vision. :) It's a tribute to my childhood days spent in Illinois countryside. It presents the fusion of agriculture and wilderness I remember.
  12. Quickie zoo

    Thank you, Mary!!! :)
  13. No Grass, Please!

    Puke, Paul! How did this lead to a stab at creationism? Just because I got my facts wrong does not mean I'm a creationist. (That's not my reason for believing in creation, anyway.)
  14. No Grass, Please!

    I thought the diplodocus was a hoax; the body of one dinosaur with the skull of another species because the real skull was missing. Then again, it could be considered a cryptid.
  15. Quickie zoo

    Second chance, please?