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  1. Download requests

    That pack will end up here at Tek at some point using AR's permissions
  2. Railway as a fence?

    I was not talking about whether players would want them but whether they could be made because of the width
  3. Railway as a fence?

    The reason they cannot cross it is that it is not walkable unless you are using the path track. From memory it would be too wide to be done as a fence. The dino fence is probably the widest you would want.
  4. Download requests

    I think one is just for map editting and the other is that plus includes all the deveoper items plus a few other things. There is also one that allows you to buy young animals. It was part of the program so BlueFang could test all versions of the animals and they disabled it before releasing the game. There are lots of goodies in that area at DG.
  5. Phoenix Skins 2

    If you are able to swich banners easily I have saved a whole heap of Tek ones over the years. Let me know if you want them.
  6. Download requests

    Partywolf there is a new map editor over at DG. http://www.ztcdd.org/DG/index.php?topic=5356.0 and http://www.ztcdd.org/DG/index.php?topic=5355.0
  7. Jeff. I would say it is large. My folder for zootek it over 7.6 gb and that is just downloads, screens, and the word doc I save for each download. It also includes screensshots I wanted to save but the site would also have lots of forum attachments and screens I do not have. Mind you I also have old files plus their updated versions....but still. Jan the could news is things are currently working for me and I can finally copy and paste to here instead of having to get cricket to do it.
  8. Habitat rocks

    Probably a question best for Jay. But basically the suitability favourites is built into the animal not the rock. So when someone designs an animals they will say which rocks the animal will like and how much they will like that rock. A user made rock for the habitat of say a rainforest animal will be liked by all rainforest animals provding you use the worldwide location but how much is hard to say. Jay might have a better idea on this. Occasionally someone will made foliage and rocks to go with an animal they are making and they will code that into the animal config. Devona's bunnys are like that. The best/highest exhibit suitability is using the easter trees she made for them.
  9. Cricket's Cricket by Z.Z.

  10. Habitat rocks

    There are lots of recolours of vaious rocks. Now are you wanting exhibit neutral that can be placed anywhere? Or do you want them to go towards suitability? ZZ will need to know this if she is going to do any.
  11. View File Colored Path Pack by T'ni Originally released at ZT Unleashed 30 October 2006 Description : This pack contains 14 wonderful colors of path to add a delightful touch to your zoo. The debut production by T'ni! Also known as T'ni's Solid Colored Paths ZT2 Paths These Solid Colored Paths will make it easier to design exciting or positively revolting colorful patterns for your food courts. All the paths in this pack feature the same curb as the brown (dirt) and tan (sand) path for continuity in your symmetry and color palette. Submitter Fern Submitted 08/10/2017 Category Scenery and Packs  
  12. Download requests

    What is in it?
  13. What method are you using to copy them?
  14. Not the conversations I hope.
  15. Updates to current files 2

    I told cricket about it as it did not have the authors and just said "file imported by administrator" with the picture. So if you see any more like that let cricket and I know so we can put the correct info up.