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  1. Download requests

    you have mail
  2. The sizes of the developer objects are the same no matter what hack is used to make them available, including the Developer Menu Hack. But different hacks make them available in different ways. The Developer Menu Hack makes them available in the same way that the Blue Fang developers had those objects available for themselves. So I feel it is best to use the Developer Menu Hack rather than any other hack that makes the developer objects available. It is true that the ZTMM Freeform unlock is not needed if the Developer Menu Hack is used. The Developer Menu Hack has a couple advantages over the ZTMM Freeform unlock: the Developer Menu Hack allows one to decide when to unlock everything and the Developer Menu unlocks more things. I feel the ZooTek Research Hack is not needed when the Developer Menu Hack is used, but that is more subjective. Although the Developer Menu Hack allows one to unlock all research whenever one wants, the research was not actually done. So when the zoo is saved and reloaded, that research is not shown to be done. But to me that is an advantage because I can unlock the specific research that I happen to need, then save and reload the zoo to do the rest of the research normally. I always leave the Developer Menu Hack in my ZT (using the hacks folder approach mentioned in the download post). Because that is an additional button in ZT, I only have to click that button when I need something from that menu. So that button does not hurt anything by being there.
  3. Developer Map Editor Hack and Developer Menu Hack
  4. View File Genki's Rock Pack – Combined Originally released: Mar 6 2007, 10:28 PM 22 assorted rocks to enhance the natural beauty of your zoo, all combined into a single ztd for your convenience! All rocks are water/exhibit placeable and tankable. (single files have been released separately) Submitter Fern Submitted 10/12/2017 Category Rocks  
  5. It is called building 6 and came in the Dino Digs expansion. For developer items you are better using the ones Jay released at the Guild than the old ZA files.
  6. Download requests

    Have just uploaded it to the downloads section for you.
  7. Age of Tycoon

    Rule 1. Once loaded in Ape and made into a ztd never put it back in ape. Do all editing manually. Did you save the original? From Jay: Although there are a lot of problems in the ".uca", I suspect a crash at the time an animal gives birth is related to animations, such as a missing ".pal" file. She can use Zoot to go through all of the animation views for the animal to see that they all appear. If she cannot find the problem, then I would need the full file to find the problem.
  8. General oddities you've noticed?

    The dig site is at ZKL done by Jay Dig Setup It was probably not released cos they could not show the kids in the play area. The testbox is at DG done by me. Blue Fang Boxes along with a few extra colours of it. The curved backdrop does not line up with the released ones but I have been playing with them. But it does create an interesting wall of sorts.
  9. HELP! ztd file wrong association

    I asked Jay Another way of changing a file's association in older MS Windows is to open Control Panel, double-click "Folder Options", click the "File Types" tab, and look for ZTD in the list. If ZTD is there, one would click ZTD, click Change, select 7-Zip or WinRar, click "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file", and click OK. But that should do what the previously mentioned approach should do. However, with this approach, one can also click on ZTD in the list and click Delete, so that way nothing is associated with a ZTD file. If ZTD is not in the list and one wants it to be associated with something, then one can click New, type ZTD in the "File Extension" box, click Advanced, select what to use in the "Associated File Type" list, and click OK. But this approach can be a little trickier because that "Associated File Type" list is very long and lists file types rather than program names. In my case, I associated ZTD with "Compressed (zipped) Folder", which lets me double-click on a ".ztd" and MS Windows opens it like a folder. But that can confuse other people. To make changes in Windows 10, one might have to do it as the Administrator.
  10. Cromer Zoo part 2

    Well it was a good guess and you do use the path in places.
  11. Cromer Zoo part 2

    Birmingham Zoo Mini-train pack : This combined pack includes the train, curved track, curved track with trees, walk-over for guests, invisible tunnel, trestle bridge, and train station. Plus genki did a rail as a path to go with it. So he probably uses the path and then puts the train on it.
  12. Age of Tycoon

    These look lovely.
  13. Age of Tycoon

    That ape is not APExp which could be unstable it is an updated version. If you have problems Jay would like to know as he is the one who updated it. Have fun.
  14. Age of Tycoon

    For editing try reading this: Uca Editing Guide That guide includes sound info in two areas. I think you want to read the second section. For more information you can post questions for Jay over at the Download Directory If you are getting Undefined then you are using the wrong version of Ape. There will still be some editing needed but this version gets rid of a number of issues. Make sure you read the info that comes with it. http://www.ztcdd.org/DD/Downloads/ZTABC/APExp3-2.zip
  15. msc3323's new Zoo

    If you are using some of the files from the old ABC site some of them were game crashers. So did some of the non-updated files from ZA.