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  1. Hot Chocolate Stand by Genkicoll

    Here is the timeline: 2003: Ben&Jerry - internal name hotchoco 2005: Jane created own icon also using internal name hotchoco, which she eventually used in several of her buildings 2007: Jay created sold item list at ZKL to help avoid such conflicts 2013: gcHotCocoaStand - internal name hotchoko, which is different than hotchoco 2016/2017: Jane renamed her hotchoco item to hetchokl and also removed the item from a couple of her buildings So Jay would not have checked for the conflict at the time you created it. I did not pick it up until I decided to complete genki's building. I have a list of all your buildings that had it if you need it, although I think you have probably caught them all.
  2. Hot Chocolate Stand by Genkicoll

    Your old item id was not used in this. I used a new one for two reasons. One because your old one was conflicting with the one in Ben and Jerrys. You know from lessons with Jay way back that the same string id can be used with more than one icon id. You have done it yourself way back. Another reason for using a different icon id was that I was doing 2 stands that were going to be released at DG and only one coming here.
  3. Hot Chocolate Stand by Genkicoll

    This should not have been changed. There was nothing wrong with it. The correct original version is still available at DG. It was done at the same time as the stand by Tp.
  4. Download requests

    I have all the ZA files but since this is in the DG dll I think it might refer to one Rick made which is likely somewhere in the testing area there waiting for the rest of that series to be finished. Soooo many unfinished projects.
  5. Download requests

    Offhand I can't remember. It may not be released yet. When i am well enough i will look.
  6. My first wishlist

    I have found that I have to change it to alphabetical every time I go to downloads. I was hoping that once you changed it that it would remember the change next time bbut not so. And you have to do it for every board which is most annoying/timewasting. Do you still need the links?
  7. A short, but probably complicated list

    You mean something like the tall plexi fences we did but minus the top?
  8. ID this download

    If you know how to open files you can check the ids inside but it does sound like it,
  9. My first wishlist

    That was one of his earlier ones originally made in 2004 and updated later by JohnT. He has 3 large packs here at Tek - Gobi Pack, Island Invasion Oceanic, and Mascarene Animal Pack.
  10. My first wishlist

    Have you tried And1's animals?
  11. Final Contest of 2017

    The Panda buildings and shelters must be in one of the combined zips she posted as they appear ingame.
  12. Final Contest of 2017

    Are dinos classed as animals?
  13. Final Contest of 2017

    Which map editor do you have? You probably should be using the one Jay created and if you have problems ask him. In the post about them he says this: "These ".ztd" files should be put in the same location as developerMapEditorHack.ztd." There is a lot more info there too.
  14. Final Contest of 2017

    Can we add more gaps to that inner wall so peeps have more than one access between the two seasons?
  15. Final Contest of 2017

    rename it to just Zoo.zip and you can get the file. Edit: Well I could see it but not extract it so that did not work.