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  1. Software Suggestions

    If I decide that I want to do this, then I want to be able to create mods that are unique, but still look like they could be original in-game animals and objects. We’ve already seen this sort of thing with Vondell and the late Taz. This shows us that it is possible to accomplish. I don’t want to just take a pre-existing in-game model and saturate it in a different color; I’m personally not a fan of that. I also want to use software that will allow me to transfer my mods to the game.
  2. Software Suggestions

    hello everyone. I’m thinking about possibly creating some mods of my own, and I want to know what software I should use if I decide to do so. Does anyone have any suggestions? Something easy to use that can give good results?
  3. Cromer Zoo part 2

    The hack is here? What page?
  4. Cromer Zoo part 2

    Yes, please! I’d like that very much.
  5. Cromer Zoo part 2

    Ok, thank you!
  6. Cromer Zoo part 2

    I have two questions: 1- How did you get the Sable antelope? 2- Is there a hack that you used for the animals that allowed you to do what you wanted with the terrain and the environment?
  7. Cromer Zoo part 2

    Amazing work!
  8. Vondell's Current Projects

    What’s the pack called?
  9. Vondell's Current Projects

    Awesome! In that case, I have one question and one request: What are you currently working on? Do you think you can make an emu next?
  10. Vondell's Current Projects

    @Vondell - Just a curious question about your creations: Do you take requests?
  11. My first wishlist

    I just looked And1 up. His/her mods look pretty good. I might give them a go. Not sure about the liopleurodon though.
  12. Vondell's Current Projects

    This stuff is all fantastic! Honestly, there are very few models from ZT2 that I think would make good ZT1 mods, and after just this one sneak peek, I think the beaver is definitely one of them.
  13. My first wishlist

    I tried those as well, but I just don’t think they’re well-made. They’re all pixelly and their movements aren’t smooth at all.
  14. My first wishlist

    @HeatherL - Update: I downloaded the mods you sent me, and unfortunately, I wasn’t impressed. It’s nothing against their creators, but I really wish there were more mods that didn’t just change the color of a pre-existing model and that’s it. Then yet again, those mods are quite old, as I saw. I just wish we could get more mods like the ones by Taz and Vondell. You know, new models with unique animations, that look like they’re part of the game.
  15. My first wishlist

    Zookeeperjoe@verizon.net I’m familiar with Hendrix and Tasmanian Tiger; I have their main creations. But I would love to see the others you mentioned.