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Welcome Fall!


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  1. My first wishlist

    Cricket and everyone else, thank you for relieving my stress! It's nice to know that I wasn't alone in this.
  2. My first wishlist

    Fern, I was unable to find those packs. I also find that I am very unhappy with the search feature. We used to have all our dls in alphabetical order in their categories but they aren't now. Anyway if you could post a link to And 1's packs I would appreciate it. I am not sure that I have the updated ones. I found the first two in animals but haven't found the Mascarene animal pack. Ok, I found the last one in Birds...ugh. Searching under the name didn't work.
  3. Vondell's Current Projects

    Vondell anything you come up with is exciting!!!!
  4. Cromer Zoo part 2

    It looks very good!
  5. Download requests

    Sounds very interesting.
  6. msc3323's new Zoo

    Wonderful! This is such a nice pack. Thanks so much.
  7. msc3323's new Zoo

    Thank you Fern. I really do appreciate it.
  8. msc3323's new Zoo

    Thank you Fern! Love how you arrange foliage MSC! Fern, could you combine TP 8 City buildings too please? Thank you in advance.
  9. msc3323's new Zoo

    Oh, Fern, I put them into my paths folder and hadn't tried them. I really like the look. Do you have them in a combined ztd as well?
  10. 2017 Christmas Card Exchange :D

    Cricket put me on the email list.
  11. msc3323's new Zoo

    Yes, it is an attractive zoo. What is the name of your tile pathway? I like the look of it.
  12. My first wishlist

    Welcome to Zoo Tek Phoenix. Some of those animals are in our database. New animals aren't made too often now but Vondell has made several that are very good.
  13. Halloween 2017

    Thanks a lot!
  14. Halloween 2017

    An "Oldie by a goodie" ---- Ghost town
  15. Halloween 2017

    Wow! I hate the idea of falling............You've achieved the look you wanted!