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  1. Phoenix Skins 2

    This color-change option may only be on the Fall theme, so far. If you look at that theme, to the right of the banner at the top, there should be a series of options. If you hover over the icon at the far-right, it should say Customize colors. If you click on this, it will bring up several colors that you can change to. The current default, I believe, is the Uniform 4.2. The far-right icon on this theme says Change background image. If you click on that, it will give you 6 different backgrounds that you can change to. I selected the 3rd from the left, which is predominantly purple. It looks awesome! :D Most of the skins have to be downloaded from folks that specialize in themes for our IPB version. There are certain items that Jan and I have access to change ... such as banner and colors and location of the sidebar. If we want, we can copy an existing skin, customize it and save it under another name. We've done this before. It's very time-consuming but can be fun to do. However, it's so much easier just to find others already finished that we can tweak for our use. Hope this helps!
  2. You are most welcome, ZooGrammy! I'm glad it worked!
  3. Download requests

    I couldn't find the lava leopard but I sent the Map Editor your way via PM :D
  4. Phoenix Skins 2

    Pukkie, it's never too early for Autumn :D
  5. I just changed mine and it went well. How did you try to change it? I went into my profile. Then I clicked on the lower-left of my profile photo. This brings up a screen where you can change the image. Photo Type defaults to Upload Photo. Then on the Upload Photo line, that's where you either select your image or drop and drag the file you want to use. Once your image is changed, you get a screen where you can crop your picture if you want. I just clicked on Save.
  6. Cricket's Cricket by Z.Z.

    View File Cricket's Cricket by Z.Z. ZZ Scenery - Cricket's Cricket A sincere and heartfelt thank you to Cricket for having the patience to teach me how to make things for Zoo Tycoon, expanding my horizons with the endless possibilities, and letting me yak her ear off every day! Enjoy! :D The downloadable file contains the single .ztd file and a screenshot. Submitter Cricket Submitted 07/30/2017 Category Statues  
  7. Nana's Night Owl by Z.Z.

    View File Nana's Night Owl by Z.Z. ZZ Scenery - Nana's Night Owl Made for Nana_nytowl_beth for being so sweet. Enjoy! :D The downloadable file contains the single .ztd file and a screenshot. Submitter Cricket Submitted 07/30/2017 Category Statues  
  8. View File Ambient Sound Statues Pack by Z.Z. ZZ Scenery - Ambient Sound Statues A long time ago I made a zoo called The Enchanted Garden. My favorite thing about this zoo was the soundscape, the birds that come with the map, the birds in the Aviary, and the frogs in the Lepospondyl House, all came together there in the forest to create the most wonderful sound in my zoo, and I could close my eyes and imagine myself in that forest, peaceful and relaxed. Unfortunately we can’t put Lepospondyl Houses all over our zoos, so I created some ambient sound items to add texture to the soundscape in our zoos. Most of them are a quarter tile so they can fit just about anywhere, some are one full tile because they were either too pretty to be shrunk so small, or simply did not look good at such a small size. Included in this pack are: Ambient Blue Frog Ambient Blue Jay Ambient Bluegreen Frog Ambient Butterfly Music Box Ambient Chickadee Ambient Cricket Ambient Dove Ambient Driftwood Ambient Elk Flute Speaker Ambient Flower Wind Chime Ambient Fox Flute Speaker Ambient Gong Ambient Gramophone Ambient Green Frog Ambient Ambient Loon Ambient Owl Ambient Purple Frog Ambient Purple Martin Ambient Purple Sea Star Ambient Purple Wind Chime Ambient Rain Puddle Ambient Sand Castle Ambient Sea Gull Ambient Sea Shell Ambient She Wolf Ambient Thunderstorm Ambient Winter Wolf I hope you enjoy them! :D Please click on the picture to see the full screenshot. The downloadable file contains a combined .ztd file, a .zip file of individual .ztd files and a screenshot. (If you use the combined file, you do not need the individual files) Submitter Cricket Submitted 07/29/2017 Category Statues  
  9. PPNE

    Awesome!! Thanks!!
  10. PPNE

    Hey Paul. Please take a look under the Browse menu. There is now a link for PPNE. Please let me know if I grabbed the proper one.
  11. Download requests

    Thanks Pukkie!!
  12. You are welcome!! Ha, I'm not sure I would call them skills. I'm just not too afraid to poke around and press buttons! Jan, there's definitely a learning curve here. Between the two of us, we will definitely get it all figured out!!
  13. Download requests

    Pukkie, would you please send me the arctic window fence?? I found the arctic fence, but haven't yet located the windowed one :D
  14. When Fern was using Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 11, there were certain portions of her screens that were not showing up. I suggested she try Mozilla Firefox to test. She was then able to see those portions that were missing. I'm sure there are more of you here that are running Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 11. If you are having issues with portions missing, please try another browser ... like Mozilla Firefox.