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  1. Vondell's Current Projects

    Southern Cassowary and Emu by Genkicoll
  2. Download requests

    We have a few ferris wheels that are scenery-only. Check out these packs: 2013 Tek Halloween Items Pack by Savannahjan and Cricket Brandi's Country Fair by Brandi There's also a working ferris wheel ride that was once hosted at ZA. It was done by Flamethrower and Casey. It was part of the ZA 2003 Xmas Exp Complete Collection. Fern, do you have this in your archives anywhere?
  3. 2017 Christmas Card Exchange :D

    The Christmas Card list for 2017 has been sent!!
  4. 2017 Christmas Card Exchange :D

    I'm going to give this a few more days. If you are interested in being a part of our Christmas card exchange, please let me know by Wednesday!
  5. New smilies!

    I love the Christmas smilies :D
  6. 2017 Christmas Card Exchange :D

    I was waiting to see if any more folks were interested. I should be able to send out the list in the next few days :D
  7. My new ZT1 projects

    Those sounds like great ideas :D
  8. My first wishlist

    You are most welcome!
  9. My first wishlist

    You're welcome! It took less time than I thought. Take a look now. They should be in alphabetical order. If not, please let me know :D
  10. My first wishlist

    I can change the defaults, but it has to be done for every single category and sub-categories. So please be patient as I get these changed :D
  11. My first wishlist

    Once you select a category within the downloads section, there's a little button to the right that is labeled SORT BY. Click on the arrow. Right now, it defaults to Recently Updated. If you want the files in alphabetical order, click on Title. If this would be most convenient for you all, then I can try to find where the default for this can be changed :D
  12. Final Contest of 2017

    I have 5 exhibits done. Ready to tackle the 6th one. Not much yet, but I'm making progress lol
  13. Final Contest of 2017

    Jan, you have mail :D
  14. North American Adventure

    I had all of the NA Adventure Files loaded for this contest :)
  15. North American Adventure

    I believe that path is the Go West Walnut Hardwood Path by Cricket If by adventure packs you are asking what version of ZT I use ... I have the Complete Collection (ZTCC)