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`:smilies-10997:            Welcome to Zoo Tek Phoenix!           :smilies-10997:


Welcome Fall!


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  1. msc3323's new Zoo

    It's scenery-only: Bygone Era Public Pool
  2. Halloween 2017

    Thanks! I was going for creepy :)
  3. Children's Discovery Center

    This is not a new release, even tho' our downloads manager seems to think it is lol. I reloaded the picture since it was not showing up :D
  4. Halloween 2017

    Here's my version of a haunted hill
  5. Halloween 2017

    Pukkie, that bush is in this pack: 2012 Tek Fall/Halloween Pack by Savannahjan and Cricket
  6. Halloween 2017

    Here's a new creepy garden for you to use in your Halloween screenshots: Fright Night Garden by ChirpyNytowl (Cricket and nana_nytowl_beth)
  7. View File Fright Night Garden by ChirpyNytowl (Cricket and nana_nytowl_beth) Decorate your Halloween-themed zoo with this spooky garden put together by ChirpyNytowl (Cricket and nana_nytowl_beth). Will your guests be brave enough to walk past it?? Creation and assembly of garden by nana_nytowl_beth. Fences (rainforest rock wall recolors) by Cricket. This is a fairly large garden. It measures 9 tiles by 9 tiles. The menu icons are a much smaller representation of the actual garden. Please click on the picture to see the full screenshot. The downloadable file contains the .ztd file and a screenshot. Submitter Cricket Submitted 10/06/2017 Category Halloween and Fall  
  8. New smilies!

    That moose is adorable!!
  9. New smilies!

    Thanks Jan!!
  10. Halloween 2017

    So do I!! I love to see what you all do with our Halloween downloads!!
  11. islands in the sun part 2

    That looks like the Bygone Era Urban Walking Park.
  12. ZZ Goes Nuts!

    Those are so awesome!!!!
  13. Zooing again zoo by Zoogrammy

    I have always thought that you needed the buoy rope decorative fence surrounding the area as well. I've had guests that wouldn't use that building until I placed that fence. Silly guests lol
  14. ZZ Goes Nuts!

    That looks great!! Looking forward to playing in-game :D
  15. Zoo Manager

    ZM content is off limits. Thank you, Synchron, for making that clear. You need to know that we would never use anything for development in ZT unless we had the proper permissions. That's just not how we roll. Most of the members here happen to enjoy our outdated zoo game :D Some may be looking forward to playing your Zoo Manager. For you and the others involved in the development, I hope it is a success. I, however, plan to continue playing my beloved, outdated Zoo Tycoon :D