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  1. 2nd Annual ZTP Plead~a~thon

    You are all quite welcome, although I must admit that the donation is as much for myself as for the rest of you. When I come to ZooTek, you can't imagine the flow of wonderful memories that drift through my mind. I always look back through the downloads section when I visit and remember the experiences and the excitment that came with each project. It was indeed a wonderful time in my life to be blessed with such great friends.
  2. 2nd Annual ZTP Plead~a~thon

    Brandi, Please PM me with the total cost of keeping the site up for 1 year and instructions on how best to send the funds. I would like to go ahead and pay for the next year so that you don't have to worry about this again for a while. Best Regards, ~ LA
  3. Old Tek Banners

    Not to worry Professor, I have a few :lol: These really bring back some memories! Our 1st anniversary Ah, the golden era of Tek... Hi-Tek, 2004 Military Tek? This skin was very popular... So green! Tek Halloween #1 Merrrrrry Tek-mas! ZooTek upgrade to IPB 2.0.0 I know I have others, in fact I have every image, download, emotican, etc... that was ever on the site while I was admin here! I'll post more if I am able to track them down.