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  1. Zoo Tycoon Wildlife

    First fifth anniversary contest (Best Favicon) has been announced.
  2. Zoo Tycoon ABC

  3. Zoo Tycoon ABC

    I noticed the new Zoo Tycoon ABC only has Zoo Tycoon 2 downloads. I wonder if they will upload all the ones that were on the old site.
  4. We are looking for members who are interested in joining the staff team. I have more forums, but I am not going to post about them all. If you would like to see my forum just check the promotion/advertisement section of the forums.
  5. ModParadise

    We are looking for members who are interested in joining the staff team.
  6. Zoo Tycoon Wildlife

    2013 Fall Festival has begun. There are contests and games. You may also post downloads that go with the themes. The festival deals both with Zoo Tycoon 1 and Zoo Tycoon 2.
  7. Zoo Tycoon Wildlife

    I have sent you a private message here.
  8. Zoo Tycoon Wildlife

    So when you try to log in, you get the message and can not log in?
  9. Video & SOund Options

    Thanks for the information.
  10. Zoo Tycoon Wildlife

    Have you tried to log on?
  11. Video & SOund Options

    I mean the option button that is on the main menu of the game. When you press it, a page appears with video and sound settings.
  12. Zoo Tycoon Wildlife

    What exactly is the issue you are having? I took a look through the memberlist and there is an account with the username of fountain.
  13. Zoo Tycoon Wildlife

    You're welcome. We are looking for: Forum Moderators ZT Moderators ZT2 Moderators
  14. Zoo Tycoon Classic

    Do they used shelters?
  15. Zoo Tycoon Wildlife

    Zoo Tycoon Wildlife has a new address: http://ztwildlife.forumotion.com/ . I have edited the first post of this topic with the correct address.