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  1. General oddities you've noticed?

    Wow! I have never seen any of these before. Surprises galore with these games!
  2. Halloween 2017

    Each screen gets creepier! These are all great: I actually shuddered as I scrolled!
  3. Seeking Advice

    ZZ, Your renaming favorites with a rating number is a terrific idea! I need to tidy up my files. I also have a Designers Folder where I keep many scenery files grouped by each large contributing designer. It is easier to choose files of similar visual styles of UCI together. I also try to have one screenshot of all a designer's scenery items and guest-use items in that same folder. I find it easier to coordinate a section of a zoo with different designers' items from viewing these screenshots.
  4. A great space saver! I hope to use them soon!
  5. City Needs Help -- Non-contest

    Hi, friends! I'm still dealing with minor headaches or vestibular migraines 2-6 days a week even with various medication try-outs and modified diet and special computer and sunglasses. I am 60-80% better because the symptoms are less intense and I am having fewer problems with thinking, speaking, unsteady gait, and fewer days of exhaustion. --Vestibular migraines are really weird! I have managed to do a remodel of the city zoo changing the ice age exhibits to water tanks. Outside the zoo it has been lovingly detailed to more summery foliage. I have not done any work on it for three weeks so we get to take a tour together! Picnic to the left of the gate, remodeled front entrance, the manta rays are fed... For the hungry, stands in front of the administration building and outside the zoo wall is one of many recycling areas... Turning around we see the saiga and the thylacine exhibits. Each group of exhibits has 2-3 keepers and 1 fencer trapped. Most of the exhibit fencing is accessible from the inside for repair. Spectacled Bears and part of the African Wild Dog exhibit... Giraffe.... You also see, outside the wall, the bus driver's rest stop at the end of the route. A baby rhino! BTW the zoo is on year 14, 98% animal happiness, 93% guest happiness. Benefactors 159. Only 67 animals, 19 exhibits, 12 attractions, staff of 29, 800 guests. I raise and lower price to keep guests between 675- 850.
  6. BBC Earth Videos, Facebook

    Sumatra: Elephants with keepers? go bathing. It sorta looks like harnesses are embedded in the pachyderm's thick skin. https://www.facebook.com/bbcearth/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED
  7. RDFT's Projects Part 3

    These look great!
  8. City Needs Help -- Non-contest

    Jan, I finally notice the sax in the picture! Oh, my !
  9. City Needs Help -- Non-contest

    Thanks to everyone for the compliments! I made some adjustments for spring weather in the zoo and then I put in the Map Editor and had fun! May changes use Developer items and those that come with the map editor dl. Some results below.... First add-on to feed storage Re-did the front to provide bus drop off and handicap parking spaces An idea of what the tall apartment buildings and grounds looked like before clean-up, restoration, and plantings. You can see where illegal dumping of trash occurred and still needs be clean-up. I extended the walls closer to the edge of the map. Granted the new plantings inside the zoo wall are too tall and filled-out but that is we have to work with dls and program space. One fun thing to remember next time you make a spooky zoo; dl the map editor and add some krill or floating greens to your exhibits or along the path with, say gargoyles or tombstones for eerie effect. Unfortunately, your guests will not notice but it looks great! (A nifty easter egg for a new version of ZT1 especially if a fiendish chuckle sound could be added!) Here is a close-up of the veg just floating in the air. More housing and local improvements to come.
  10. The Lion's Roar

    Spelling point: "Beetlemania" for the insects. "Beatlemania" for the screaming teenage girls.
  11. Crowded by Guest Animals

  12. Studying the "Help! I'm trapped!" contest zoos and other contest zoos, I noticed some people have deep (meaning 10+ sq) exhibits. Does that help animals get away from visitors sight so animals feel less "put upon", less privacy invaded if their exhibits have more away-from-guests'-view space?
  13. Help I'm trapped and can't get out

    Pukki, don't your animals get upset i.e., "feel crowded by too many guests" when the exhibits are near the entrance?
  14. Help I'm trapped and can't get out

    These are terrific! I've saved many pictures from all the zoos to study for design of paths and exhibit design. Pukkie, do you have more than one zookeeper per exhibit? Your exhibits have so many animals in them!
  15. baby bongo born in LA zoo

    Baby bongo and mother pictures: npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/02/24/517073827/bounding-baby-bongo-born Only 75 to 140 wild bongos are thought to still live in Kenya.