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  1. Thank you for the mass e-mail. I'm glad to see that I can ignore the warning.
  2. Ooo, I LOVE the pumpkin house! :Leaf_Flomp_by_Deadman2:
  3. Flags

    I found it~ :D I don't know where these original templates came from -- they were given to me back when The Dragonriders first formed, so that I could make some dragon-themed flags. Have fun~! EDIT: Removed file -- please contact Fern if you need the blank flags :)
  4. Flags

    The flags are not easy. They require cutting an image into pieces, a lot of skewing, and "sewing' the pieces back together -- 8 images per direction, requiring 32 images, total. I've lost almost everything ZT related due to computers dying :( I have one last old computer that may have the templates you will need, and I'll try to remember to check on this when I get home tonight.
  5. Problem Reports

    When I try to access the downloads, I get this: [#10874] You do not have access to this section of the site. :(
  6. Guide to Unlocking the Developers Freeform Map

    Doesn't the Akiyama cheat do the same thing?
  7. Seasons Greetings

    This time it comes but once a year A time of presents and play Love and kindness and family dear Gather to cherish the days Some may pray and some may sing Some might even share Stories of much different things Of how they've changed through the years Whatever the season means to you I think it's safe to say A very Merry Christmas to you I'll hope for a wonderful day!
  8. Christmas time it soon will come When we gather with family with cheer and good fun Decorations on the tree will sparkle with lights The children's eyes sparkle anticipation aflight The presents are wrapped and dinner is served Christmas Eve's here and here we are rapt The morning does come the children do squeal There's nothing quite like their childish appeal The joy of the season fills our hearts with much love Lord, we are thankful and thank you, above. - Genkicoll, 2011
  9. Foliage by Zootan

    Yes, I'm OK with it as long as credit is given where it is due :)
  10. Summer Fun pack released

    Oh, I especially love the treehouse! :wub:
  11. It's that time again

    Thank you from me, too. I am rarely able to be here anymore, but it's so nice to know that Tek is always here to come home to :vishenka_34:
  12. Recolor Atlantia packs

    Yep, Fern is correct :) Go for it! :D
  13. Christmas Carols

    A *BUMP* for the Carols of Ages~! :elkgrin: (see post #1)
  14. I'm a-talking, and I'm a-singin'

    ~I'm siiiingin' in the rain I assure you that I'm sane What a glorious feelin' I'm siiiingin' agaiiin~
  15. I'm a-talking, and I'm a-singin'

    Meh~ No one wants to play 'cept Jannie? ~I'm so lonnnnesome Iiiii could cry~ *insert big crocodile tears and adorable pout*