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  1. Final Contest of 2017

    These are the 2 that I have (that I got from Jay.) developerMapEditorHack.ztd developerMenuHack.ztd I hope that this help.
  2. Final Contest of 2017

    Ok, I know we can use tundra fishies for the Winter area, but can we use other marine animals that are not Arctic or European (Such as the Atlantic Swordfish, Green Moray eel , etc.) on the Fall side?
  3. Final Contest of 2017

    A couple of other questions (better than requests, lol) ... in the corner where the tundra is, do we have to leave that flat or can we raise it? (I tend to put animals that need elevation in the corners - in case they misbehave.. LOL) Also, can the inner brick wall be moved? And/or can we use the brick wall in other places? (I can't wait to start on this one. Just don't want to break any rules.)
  4. North American Adventure

    Glad that you like them, Cricklet.
  5. North American Adventure

    Thanks and Congratz to all. For me, it's not the "winning," because I think we're ALL winners, but getting to show our talents off. P.S. The reason I did so well this time is because Z.Z. gave me some advice/help. Thanks so much, Z.Z. And the other "best part" for me is having the honor of making the banners...
  6. Final Contest of 2017

    Thanks for the new map and downloads.. I have a question about a question, lol. I didn't see Z.Z.'s question answered. And next question, does Arctic Animals include the Arctic Ocean animals: Beluga Narwhal Bowhead Pacific Walrus
  7. Final Contest of 2017

    I tried taking the "x" off. It changed to a zip file, I got a "final 2017.zoo" but got an error trying to place it in the saved games folder.
  8. Final Contest of 2017

    Not a request, but a question.. does the Tundra animals include the Mammoth, Saber-tooth cat, etc.?
  9. Banners Resized

  10. Banners Resized

    I started this thread to let you all know that if you need/want a banner resized to let me know. If it's a banner I've made for any recent contest (back to the Easter/St. Patrick's one) I'll have your banner already. If it's not one I've made, just post the picture and I'll resize it for you.
  11. North American Adventure

    The zoo is sent!!!!!
  12. North American Adventure

    Thanks to all of you.. And Mary, thanks so much for extending the date for me. I'm going to work on it now. (I slept all day. Guess I was recovering from the hospital.) Still have some pains unrelated to the surgery. Just my tummy being mean. But anxious to work on zoo.
  13. Halloween 2017 Screenshot Voting :D

    You're most welcome, Jan. I guess I get to keep my job? ROFL
  14. Halloween 2017 Screenshot Voting :D

    Thank you ma'am. You're most kindly welcome. LOL
  15. Halloween 2017 Screenshot Voting :D

    Glad that you like them, Cricklet!!!