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Welcome Fall!


Creatures of the Deep
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  1. Halloween 2017

    Glad to hear it Fountain!!!
  2. Halloween 2017

    Pukkie, please DO use our garden!!! LOL I love seeing people use our creations.. (and the orange jack 'o lantern path is mine too. LOL)
  3. Halloween 2017

    Ok, my turn..
  4. Halloween 2017

    Hopefully, there will be one more creepy Halloween item.. it depends on our favorite, Cricket..
  5. North American Adventure

    Duh!!! Didn't even think of that. Guess I saw that and figured brightly colored.. I mostly stay away from "way out" colors.. lol Thanks, Cricklet.
  6. North American Adventure

    I realized something last night and it made me curious. We have the downloads for an awesome "Old West" area, but it seems that we're missing something... a horse. I'm just wondering why the Przwalski's horse wasn't included. Even if it's not from the USA it seems funny not to have one to use in that area. Just wondering....
  7. North American Adventure

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. You're awesome!!! (Not only for all the download requests you allow for all of us, but because I can tell that you're always fair to us.)
  8. North American Adventure

    One more question.. since we are allowed to use the map editor, can we use the brick zoo walls and entrance that Jay made? They're really nice and not boring like the regular walls. LOL
  9. North American Adventure

    I just didn't want to mess up and use something I shouldn't. Thanks, Mary
  10. A Special Tribute

    Thanks and you're welcome, Z.Z.
  11. North American Adventure

    Mary, I'm not sure if you realized it, but when you click on the link for the Cobblestone Walls there are 2 there. (Which I didn't realize till now, when I went to get the file.) I did get both of them to let you know. One is Cobblestone Cliff Walls and the other is Cobblestone LEVEL Cliff Walls (which is the one I meant, though both are awesome.) Just wanted to let you know.
  12. North American Adventure

    Ok, thank you for all the things you approved.. had just been curious about the Canadian flag path. That threw me off.
  13. A Special Tribute

    Thanks Mary.. I'm so glad that you like them.. Except for the names, they've been ready for weeks. Had a fight and a half to get them done with those. My book drive is being stupid and when I saved it from the Facebook post where I showed one to Cricket and then put the names on them, they locked. So glad I got them up. Will have the next ones made shortly.. (not tonight, lol)
  14. A Special Tribute

    hello All... Here are the banners.. I hope that you all like them.
  15. North American Adventure

    For the Dino Fences Black & White Fences: http://www.ztcdd.org...hp?topic=5202.0 (White only) Blue Fences: http://www.ztcdd.org...hp?topic=5195.0 Brown Fences: http://www.ztcdd.org...hp?topic=5200.0 Green Fences: http://www.ztcdd.org...hp?topic=5199.0 Orange Fences: http://www.ztcdd.org...hp?topic=5197.0 Red & Pink Fences: http://www.ztcdd.org...hp?topic=5196.0 (Red only) Yellow Fences: http://www.ztcdd.org...hp?topic=5198.0 Cobblestone Cliff & Walls: http://www.ztcdd.org/DD/index.php?topic=9517 Walls and Roofs Combined - http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/1172-walls-roofs-combined-by-genkicoll/ Dolphin Statue - http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/879-dolphin-statue-by-nana-nytowl-beth/ Wooden Zoo Map Panels - http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/2899-wooden-zoo-map-panels-by-rdingft/ And I think you missed my question.. are Alaska or Canada in or out.. (Asking because of Kodiak bear and Canada Path) Thanks, Mary. {{{HUGS}}}