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  1. Phoenix Skins 2

    Oh NOW its purple! WOOT! Thanks Cricket! :D
  2. Phoenix Skins 2

    I dont see purple, I see various shades of US Military uniforms. When I click on the Theme menu I see three choices: 1 Default, which is the blue we started out with and has the Spring banner with the fox in it. 2 Fall, which is dark grey and has the Autumn banner with the deer in it, which I had colored Black Currant purple using the Customize Colors paintbrush at the top. 3 Uniform, which is various shades of US military uniforms ranging from navy blue on the upper left, to marine blue under that, to grey in the lower left, to brown in the lower right, to desert yellow above that, to green in the upper right, and has a jungle banner with a leopard, elephants and giraffes and purple lettering. And I no longer have the paintbrush at the top. Are the skins made by admin, or are they chosen from a selection provided by the server?
  3. Habitat rocks

    Thank Pukkie :) Its a Fairy Dragon, which was my absolute favorite familiar in D&D and my very first email a long long long time ago :) Its not my artwork though, I found it online when I did a google search for Fairy Dragon ten or so years ago.
  4. Habitat rocks

    Ah, ok, I get that. Thank you so much, it helps to understand these little quirks of the game :D
  5. Just got here with no warning message! Jan, you ROCK! :D
  6. Habitat rocks

    I kinda figured it was a suitability request :) I just finished the graphics, will be working on the creation this week, not sure when they will be released. Fern, do you know if a rock designated for a specific terrain has a higher suitability rating than a neutral exhibit rock? Like does the in game Desert rock give better suitability than the in game neutral Large Rock for desert exhibits?
  7. Habitat rocks

    Hmmm... That shouldnt be too hard. Let me see what I can do.
  8. Wow! Its so BRIGHT! Im still getting the notification that this is a phishing site, only now to report is as a fraudulent alert they make me pick a bunch of pictures to prove that Im human. I hope the new server can fix that.
  9. New Quivaz Projects!

    Well, I was reading the earlier posts in this thread and saw your round animal scenery statues and thought how cool those would be :)
  10. Im on Firefox and I get a warning every time I come here, I send a report that this is not a phishing site every time too.
  11. tank fence

    Hi Heather! Yes, I got it, after my last post. I was having issues with my email, which I finally got sorted out half an hour ago, and found your email in my junk mail folder, dont know why email insists on putting personal messages in junk mail, but hey that money grubbing email from charity so and so goes right into the inbox no problem! LOL! Thank you so much for sending those! They are absolutely marvelous, and have just become permanent residents of my dlupdates folder, right up there with the invisible fence and Genkis Grasses! :D
  12. Wow... I hope it works out Jan. Thank you so much for keeping this site up and running for us. ((HUGS))
  13. tank fence

    Cool, do you have a link? I cant seem to find the post.
  14. Invisible shelter

    Yes I know, it was just a funny image ;) Well, if Im going to make a cave wallpaper, it may as well work ;D Oh! Yeah, snowballing happens to me every day. Ill be working on one thing and twelve other related ideas pop into my head, so it it isnt because of your posts, its because of my brain :D