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Welcome Fall!


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  1. msc3323's new Zoo

    Ah, well it looks cool :)
  2. msc3323's new Zoo

    Very nice :) Is the water slide a working building or scenery only?
  3. Age of Tycoon

    Ooooo.... Im totally gonna love me a DRAGON! Can you make him purple? :D
  4. Halloween Animals

    We need these animals to go with the Halloween animals that Genki made: Witch Skeleton Werewolf The Werewolf should be a werewolf all the time, as opposed to a human sometimes or a wolf sometimes. There is a skeleton decor item that looks pretty good, could be used to make an animal I think.
  5. Vondell's Current Projects

    " May need to reach out and coordinate with Fern for that one. " Fern is already working on a filter for me, dont want to overload her with more :) " It's actually quite easy if you start from the original's filter files (or one of the released ones). " Everything after that completely confused me. I would need a step by step instruction to do this. Right now I can make rocks, foliage and scenery, Im working on being able to make shelters but I still dont get much of it, just copied stuff from one of Crickets shelters, havent tested it yet.
  6. Cromer Zoo part 2

    Oh awesome, thanks! :D
  7. msc3323's new Zoo

    Is there a reason why you post your pics to an outside board instead of just posting them here?
  8. Cromer Zoo part 2

    Where did you get it? I cant find it in downloads...
  9. Vondell's Current Projects

    I have a LOT of filter ideas, but no clue how to configure them. If I did the graphics and made starting ZTDs, could you configure them?
  10. Download requests

    I have the individual files, but I dont see a combined file anywhere. Maybe one of our tech savvy people could combine them for you?
  11. Cromer Zoo part 2

    I love that big tall tree with the brown trunk, what is that?
  12. msc3323's new Zoo

    Looking good :D
  13. Age of Tycoon

    Ooooo! Hes PRIDDY!
  14. Halloween 2017

    Hi Pukkie :) Thanks, I like it too! You should go ahead and use the new item, its not in my graveyard so we wont look too much alike :D
  15. Halloween 2017

    So this made me decide to make a Halloween zoo, ZZs All Hallows Zoo. I made an entrance, and a graveyard exhibit that was going to have Genkis Ghost in it, but Zootans Happy Animal hack doesnt work on Genkis Halloween animals, so the graveyard is history, but I decided to submit the screens for it anyway. My favorite part is the opened grave with the zombie walking out (the small burrow shelter), there are also a few freshly dug graves, and some well tended graves. And as a bonus Im including the entrance screen, but thats not the one Im submitting for the screenshot contest, Im just posting it so you can see it :)