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  1. Zoo Manager

    Yeah, unfortunately the devs response in this thread made me not really care, Im perfectly happy with my ZT :)
  2. Greater Flamingo Park by Jane

    Oh that look so cool Jane!
  3. Phoenix Skins 2

    I missed my purple, so I went back to fall. Is there a way to change the banner while still allowing us to choose our theme color? I love my [Change Background Image] and [Customize Colors] buttons :)
  4. New smilies!

    love this one My favorite ;)
  5. Vondell's Current Projects

    Oh those are marvelous! I love the beaver and the trees! :D
  6. My first wishlist

    They would have to be, unless they were configured as buildings that guests can enter like the animals houses (insect house etc). As scenery it would be possible to animate them a bit so they would appear as actual mini exhibits, and they can be coded to make guests happy to see them.
  7. Final Contest of 2017

    Have most of my decor done, should be finished with it by tomorrow, then I can start building the exhibits :) Its looking pretty good, although I really miss some of my favorite ucis ;D
  8. Final Contest of 2017

    Thanks :) Ive got the buildings in and about half of the decor done so far, its coming along nicely :)
  9. North American Adventure

    Oh awesome banners Beth! Thank you so much! And you are very welcome for the zoo tips, its my pleasure to help :D
  10. Final Contest of 2017

    I have the map editor, but I still cant see the fence or the zoo entrance in my menu, so using the map editor wont allow me to move the fence. But its no big, I already have the zoo laid out, the paths and restaurants installed, exhibit fences in, and edge foliage almost completed, so I really dont need to start it all over ;D But thanks :D
  11. Final Contest of 2017

    Um, I couldnt delete any of the inner wall, and I couldnt find it in the menu either, even though I have both the wall and the gate in my dupdates folder. Am I missing something?
  12. Final Contest of 2017

    Awesome! Thanks Mary :D
  13. Final Contest of 2017

    Ok, thank you for fixing the map file :) So are the arctic marine animals allowed?
  14. North American Adventure

    Oh how awesome all these zoos are! Congratulations everyone, nice work! Thank you Mary, this was a fun one!