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  1. ZT1 special buildings in ZT2?

    Converting from Zt1 to Zt2 isn't really possible, and buildings are so complicated to code that I don't believe any active designer has done so at all. Would be fun to see though :)
  2. Fixing Bugged User Animals

    If it's only for your own use, you can edit virtually anything, it's if you plan to upload it publicly that it tends to become problematic. I have an irregular contact with Penguinman and he has said a few times that he considers all of his creations public domain at this point - as in, anybody may edit them as they wish, and upload as long as proper credit is given.
  3. Download requests

    Could somebody possibly send me all of Zookapi's original downloads? I have versions of them that I opened in APE to make small edits over the years and as a resulted they are bloated and full of errors. I would like to replace them with the original UCA files in the future. I made that mistake with a lot of old files unfortunately, but the good news is being stuck with bloated ZTD's is certainly better than losing the old files entirely.
  4. Vondell's Current Projects

    I think gibbons would be a lot of fun! Zookapi's Crested Gibbon is one of my favorite downloads but there's so much more that could be done for such a unique type of primate. I've also always wanted to see a proper aardvark. The download here, which is fantastic as far as recolors go, was the one that drew me to Zoo Tek in the first place probably a decade ago! A koala would be fun. I remember trying to make one where it's standing animation was it in a tree, but it's walking animations did not feature the tree. The spontaneous tree was unrealistic, but I felt very clever at the time :) A sloth could fall under a similar order. A lot of the other suggestions here are good, too, although I'm not sure how much work you want to sign yourself up for. Question - will the Red Panda be recolorable without modifying the animations directly?
  5. Dino Danger Pack skins as variants

    This is something I've always wanted to try to make, but have never had the chance. I've never been much of a skinner! But I really liked the earlier Rex and brighter male Styraco and Trike skins, and the Carno skin was unique. Unfortunately, no such mod exists, although Kingcobrasaurus attempted such a reskin for the Carnotaurus using the EA model.
  6. Vondell's Current Projects

    The Red Panda looks beautiful ingame! So nice to see it in action and it's cool to see your collaboration with JBL.
  7. Around the world Africa

    I think I have the file, or at least part of it. animalsat2.ztd -- Do you want me to send that to you? It was a key file at ZT Center before GeoCities' closure resulted in the loss of the files.
  8. Zoo Tycoon 1 Animals in Zoo Tycoon 2

    No problem - happy to help! Happy download hunting :)
  9. User - created Biomes

    Here is a link to the biomeshell at Zoo Tycoon Volcano, with links to many but not all additional biomes :)
  10. Sorry I do not have the text. I did not take the photo ingame, as I have never owned a copy of Dinosaur Digs on it's own, but I found it in the UI files of the game. I actually made a small mod for myself so the original Zoo Tycoon background showed up on the menu instead of the Complete Collection one.
  11. Zoo Tycoon 1 Animals in Zoo Tycoon 2

    I am glad to see some appreciation for the classic style of Zoo Tycoon 2 designing, and I still play with older style downloads for similar reasons! - Silesian Tomcat made a good one. - Penguika's site has one. - There's been multiple shots at this one, but no solo releases to my memory. ZA's Tundra Pack had one. - chicken_derby's Black Bear is lost to the ages, I have another one but I made some edits so I can only share it privately. - badisbadis101 made one, I might have it. - There's never been a very satisfying Clouded Leopard for ZT2, imho, but Island Excursions has a Sundanese one that's quite good. - HENDRIX's Giant Aneater works even in the old game, it's not too hyper-detailed - Kang made a nice Llama, I think - Malayan Tapir... I believe I have one somewhere. - Mexican Gray Wolf... not sure if an effective one was ever made. I know a few were in packs but unsure about solo releases - Olive Baboon... never been done... there was one in Worldwide Wonders - Saltwater Crocodile is in the Croc Pack at ZTV - Siberian Tiger... SilesianTomcat. - Spotted Hyena... check Penguinman's site. - Western Lowland Gorilla... I made one some years ago. Most of these I can find on my hard drive for you but most aren't available right now. - Allosaurus... you've must be kidding on this one :) I joke! ZTV's is a pretty good example of one that uses old ZT2 style. - DM's Gallimimus, Caudopteryx and Plateosaurus are a good blend of realistic but not too realistic. - Not sure what to tell you about others :( - Mako Shark check - Tiger Shark check - Sperm Whale I made - Lion's Mane Jelly check - Humpback Whale check - Harbor Porpoise check - Zeta Designs in Obsessional Ocean wasn't too much crazy but I'm unsure if it's still online. Have you tried Paranoia or Fiction or Reality? They have four of these five. Zt2 Download Library is somewhat unreliable as they often did not yet bother to archive older sites' works and mostly focus on what is available on The Round Table and Gaia. I don't mean this as a criticism as their site has only been around recently. I am still importing many older downloads at Zoo Tycoon Volcano, and there are also some older style ones at Zoo Tycoon 2 Designing Center. I also recommend Penguika's site and Penguin Peak -- while my personal archive is extensive, there are a number of downloads I do not have permission to re-upload publicly. I am happy to share privately, however. :)
  12. Zoo Admin

    Even though all of the downloads are safe and will be likely made available again, as someone who remembers fondly when Zoo Admin was the big ZT site, it's sad and disappointing the day has finally come. It's a tremendous loss for the community.
  13. ZooKeeper's Lounge

    I'm glad to see ZKL has survived after all these years and that the staff are still putting work into keeping it online. It's nice to see users can register again. phpBB3 is a great forum software and better at controlling spam than IPB.
  14. Zoo Tycoon 2 Designing Center

    Two years about Penguinman gave me some control of ZT2DC, mostly to keep out spammers. I made a brief effort to add some activity but the time had passed. I added several downloads I had made for ZT2 and some from my previous closed site, Zoo Tycoon Hideout Rebirth. These are currently being moved so ZT2DC can return to it's original database from pre-2014. I have a new tutorial in the works I hope to post in the near future, but it's been on ice for a long time and I may need to start from scratch. The site is still active in the sense that me and some staff members are around, but here is no major activity, and I mostly use what access I have to preserve what it originally was and add some new tutorial information. When a new post does occur, I try to help people, and sometimes ask other designers I know to help out if the issue is out of my reach. (For example, I cannot use Blender.) I think the main thing worth spotlighting here is I am working on a Community Timeline Project, in an effort to preserve the long and storied history of the combined communities. I have felt in recent years the community (mostly the ZT2 side) has become fractured and newer members are disconnected from what has long gone on. I would be more than happy to make any suggested or recommended changes, as I know I have not been as active as I would like here. I know some of the information may be inaccurate but I promise to heed corrections :)
  15. Zoo Tycoon Volcano

    I know this is crazy old topic, but I wanted to alert that ZTV is still online, all these years later, and retains a small group of loyal members. We are currently working on re-uploading a number of old ZT2 downloads that were previously hosted there, although the process is moving slowly. I am also adding the ZT2 downloads that had been hosted at my site, Zoo Tycoon Hideout, for several years. There are no ZT1 downloads at this time. The website still contains some content that is mature, and there was a lot of internal debate about what to do, but it is a part of the site's culture at this point. Staff have nonetheless been trying to enforce the rules better and patrol things. A number of problematic staff members have left the site. I was an administrator about six years ago, and resigned and left for a while, but currently serve as a Download Manager.