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  1. Zoo Manager

    I'm hoping it's as good as it looks, as is often the problem with these kinds of games, where people make beautiful graphics but understand so little about crafting a game in which to use them. Still, they've mentioned things like terrain and paths, which are a lot less easy to market as scenery or animals, which gives me a little more hope.
  2. New tool: ZT Studio

    Not technically. The code is from APE, but I appropriated it for the new project. I originally made the Rex from APE a few years ago and ran into problems over the process of fine-tuning it. I decided to start from scratch, but reused the old APE-generated name. Coding from an AI file will take a little getting to used to but I've done worse with less preparation. This is my first ZT Studio / AI to UCA project, so the tips are still appreciated. (The idea of coming up with a more normal codename actually never occurred to me.) I made a library for the original animal files recently to facilitate this, but copied them into the new projects folders before I opened anything in ZT Studio, not after as I should have. Things to note for the future. Thanks again!
  3. John's ZT1 Projects

    Thanks, savannahjan! I'm blowing the dust off to bring this thread back into business. Since I've been trying to figure out ZT Studio as well as editing UCA files from scratch, all without APE, I decided to restart the JP project. Here's my current test for the JP Rex female, but still figuring things out and might alter the shade yet. The male will be more greenish reflecting current film canon. I'm hoping to go back and remake all of my previous projects, released and unreleased, using these new methods
  4. New tool: ZT Studio

    I think I figured out the problem a little better. You were right, of course, but then I realized I had misunderstood the 'Root' folder and changed it to the intended project folder for what I was working on at that moment. Nonetheless, the application seems to insist it's looking for trex/trex.pal for the palette, but as the codename has already been altered, it should be looking in 'F7E772A3' instead of 'trex'. After changing the folder name, viola, everything worked fine and now I can finally edit the palette to my heart's content. Certainly need to get the hang of working with an actual palette file but it's still eons better than the old icon switcheroo method.
  5. New tool: ZT Studio

    I'm trying to open a palette file, and it shows me a little sub-window for palettes, but I can't figure out how to save it for editing. A little box offers to replace the colors. This is for a recolor of the ingame T. Rex. Trying to push through that gives me a warning the index is out of range. Not going to lie, feeling pretty dumb - graphics has never been my forte in editing either game. Everything else sounds pretty straightforward?
  6. ZT1 special buildings in ZT2?

    Converting from Zt1 to Zt2 isn't really possible, and buildings are so complicated to code that I don't believe any active designer has done so at all. Would be fun to see though :)
  7. Fixing Bugged User Animals

    If it's only for your own use, you can edit virtually anything, it's if you plan to upload it publicly that it tends to become problematic. I have an irregular contact with Penguinman and he has said a few times that he considers all of his creations public domain at this point - as in, anybody may edit them as they wish, and upload as long as proper credit is given.
  8. Download requests

    Could somebody possibly send me all of Zookapi's original downloads? I have versions of them that I opened in APE to make small edits over the years and as a resulted they are bloated and full of errors. I would like to replace them with the original UCA files in the future. I made that mistake with a lot of old files unfortunately, but the good news is being stuck with bloated ZTD's is certainly better than losing the old files entirely.
  9. Vondell's Current Projects

    I think gibbons would be a lot of fun! Zookapi's Crested Gibbon is one of my favorite downloads but there's so much more that could be done for such a unique type of primate. I've also always wanted to see a proper aardvark. The download here, which is fantastic as far as recolors go, was the one that drew me to Zoo Tek in the first place probably a decade ago! A koala would be fun. I remember trying to make one where it's standing animation was it in a tree, but it's walking animations did not feature the tree. The spontaneous tree was unrealistic, but I felt very clever at the time :) A sloth could fall under a similar order. A lot of the other suggestions here are good, too, although I'm not sure how much work you want to sign yourself up for. Question - will the Red Panda be recolorable without modifying the animations directly?
  10. Dino Danger Pack skins as variants

    This is something I've always wanted to try to make, but have never had the chance. I've never been much of a skinner! But I really liked the earlier Rex and brighter male Styraco and Trike skins, and the Carno skin was unique. Unfortunately, no such mod exists, although Kingcobrasaurus attempted such a reskin for the Carnotaurus using the EA model.
  11. Vondell's Current Projects

    The Red Panda looks beautiful ingame! So nice to see it in action and it's cool to see your collaboration with JBL.
  12. Around the world Africa

    I think I have the file, or at least part of it. animalsat2.ztd -- Do you want me to send that to you? It was a key file at ZT Center before GeoCities' closure resulted in the loss of the files.
  13. Zoo Tycoon 1 Animals in Zoo Tycoon 2

    No problem - happy to help! Happy download hunting :)
  14. User - created Biomes

    Here is a link to the biomeshell at Zoo Tycoon Volcano, with links to many but not all additional biomes :)
  15. Sorry I do not have the text. I did not take the photo ingame, as I have never owned a copy of Dinosaur Digs on it's own, but I found it in the UI files of the game. I actually made a small mod for myself so the original Zoo Tycoon background showed up on the menu instead of the Complete Collection one.