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Welcome Fall!


The Firebirds
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  1. Final Contest of 2017

    She has a China and Panda pack in file 4, that may be it. Thank you.
  2. Final Contest of 2017

    Question on the Panda Extras - you are allowing only the Extra files, not the one that contains the research building and the gate shelter - correct?
  3. North American Adventure

    Congratulations everybody!
  4. 2017 Christmas Card Exchange :D

    Sign me up Cricket!
  5. Halloween 2017

    These are all great ! So hard to choose.
  6. New smilies!

    Thanks Jan!
  7. General oddities you've noticed?

    I think Fern may have been playing with the backdrop at one time, but I never saw the drain or trash can before. I think they are from the beta version of MM.
  8. Binoculars?

    Wasn't there binoculars in the beta version of ZT that somebody extracted - or is that where the one from Admin came from?
  9. North American Adventure

    That is one of the biggest drawbacks to the dinosaurs, they love to trash their exhibits, including throwing their poo into the most remote areas.
  10. North American Adventure

    Hi April_Fool! The advantage of having the combined pack is that you can have more downloads in your game. If the combined file has 50 items, it only counts as 1 download, but if you have the same files, but uncombined or as individual files, then they will count as 50 downloads. Numbers become very crucial when dealing with a lot of downloads in one game since there is a limit on how many can be used at one time. The only items you would want to remove is any individual files that are included in the combined file. Love your avatar!
  11. A Special Tribute

    Outstanding job everybody! They all make you feel like you are taking a stroll thru Asia.
  12. A Special Tribute

    Sorry, I am having to pass on this one. I can not wait to see what everybody has come up with.
  13. @jbl89 - I like to print the contest information to use not only as a checklist but also as a historical copy to go with my contest zoos. I also try to print any tutorials I see that are interesting. I used to print to paper but lately I print to pdf.
  14. I stated earlier that I could now print the full topics, but it seem I was in error - still only printing the page you are on.