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  1. msc3323's new Zoo

    Here can you see my new swans
  2. msc3323's new Zoo

    And special for ZooGrammy some little geese...
  3. msc3323's new Zoo

  4. msc3323's new Zoo

    Yes, I have made bigger exhibits in my first zoo...
  5. msc3323's new Zoo

  6. My new ZT1 projects

    My newest small project (the Palm Trees):
  7. My new ZT1 projects

    The adult Maguari Stork is ready:
  8. My new ZT1 projects

    Are you sure? I insert " Maguari Stork young" and then came a picture more than the young black stork, but the picture was to dark...
  9. My new ZT1 projects

    Then maybe I make the Maguari Stork. But I dont know how the young Maguari Stork looks.
  10. My new ZT1 projects

    The black stork should be ready today or tomorrow (237 Pics and the same for the young stork). Anyone know if he is chattering with his bill like the white stork? And anyone know where I could download stork sounds?
  11. My new ZT1 projects

    Yes. Thats my plan too!
  12. My new ZT1 projects

    This is my newest bird. A White Stork. Its not such a big beast than my Roseate Spoonbill. Its pretty small like the Ingame-Flamingo.
  13. Birmingham Zoo

    The snail-eating birds are crested screamers and the one with the face is a kori bustard.
  14. msc3323's new Zoo

  15. msc3323's new Zoo

    Thank you ,and thank you Fern for the Link. I found at last Tasmanian Tigers Fallow Deer on the side too and a Blue Marlin. I found out White Sharks do not enjoy Shows and visitors dont like Shark shows. So I rebuilt this corner of my zoo: