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  1. Zooing again zoo by Zoogrammy

    That's a very nice entrance ZooGrammy And what a cute blue froggy there in the second screen Is that a newly made UCI?
  2. Cromer Zoo part 2

    Absolutely fabulous
  3. Cromer Zoo part 2

    I know how that feels ZooGrammy But once you get playng your fun begins. Very inspiring Screens Professor Paul Really creative I better do the same thing as zoogrammy and snatch your screens
  4. Phoenix Skins 2

    Oh I love it really ZooTycoonish....
  5. Download requests

    Sadly Carlos Franco I can't do that just upload downloads here . It is the designer of the items who uploads them at the site of his/her choice. This one belonged to ZT.NL Mind you I have no idea what the current state of the site is but I know their download section is no longer active, I don't have any of their ZT2 stuff but quite a few items I have from their ZT original. Not all though just the ones I liked playing with. I do not mind sharing but if you want something in particular one just asks.
  6. jp15528 are you Mrs Piggy?
  7. Habitat rocks

    A bit of topic but what a lovely avatar you have there Z.Z.
  8. Cromer Zoo part 2

    Wow that is sooo impressive. Which flowers are you using Professor Paul?
  9. Phoenix Skins 2

    lol for the spring and summer depending it is hahaha
  10. Hey there Menolly Sooo good to see you.
  11. Phoenix Skins 2

    You are early with the autumn banner But what a lovely one
  12. I cant't believe it! I no longer getting the message (yes firefox I am still using) Yesterday I still got it but today it wasn't there
  13. Nana's Night Owl by Z.Z.

  14. Cricket's Cricket by Z.Z.

    aawh that is just sooooooo cute