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  1. I can't believe how long it has been since we had a decent snowball fight amongts each other I hope as may as possible join in and when you are hit by one pass it on to another ZooTekkie The first should go to our wonderful webmom take it SavannahJan!
  2. Circus Scott by DJ Pluffs

    ah yeah good thinking indeed friend
  3. Shrine Circus Pack by Jane

    what an awsome pack this is
  4. Circus Scott by DJ Pluffs

    What was the update about Jane?
  5. Cromer Zoo part 2

    awfully nice I love expecially the penguin enclosure with the slide and the way you made that shelter. Brilliant!
  6. Cromer Zoo part 2

    I love the winter in your zoo. I don't get cold though Glad your animals don't seem to be bothered Mine would have complained big time! I love the use of the animalsigns
  7. ZZs All Hallows Zoo

    Love your Halloween zoo It si wonderful to see my Marvin the Martian there. He does very well in a mixed exhibit with the hand And the mushrooms? You can still put them in
  8. The Lion's Roar

    So am I..... Hope Santa can make this happen
  9. Neils Night Spot by Jane

    hmmm then what happens if I prefer the items that were originally in there? and I have the updated phoenix lang? does that automatically changes in the file I currently have or only when I also have this updated ztd?
  10. Final Contest of 2017

    Nice to see you Kreek I hope you can manage
  11. Vondell's Current Projects

    Genkicoll made us an Emu you should be able to find it It is in a combined pack with the cassowary
  12. What's Your Fairy Name?

    My name is Bonzi o' Brannigan
  13. Happy Advent

    That is so pretty in the dark
  14. Neils Night Spot by Jane

    Back to the basics... Does that mean in game restaurant items Jane?
  15. Jul Tegel Pack by Jane

    yes! such a nice Chritmas pack I got that