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`:smilies-10997:            Welcome to Zoo Tek Phoenix!           :smilies-10997:


Welcome Fall!


Llama Stealing Moose
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  1. A Special Tribute

    Everyone's entries look wonderful!
  2. Zooing again zoo by Zoogrammy

    Beautiful job, ZG!
  3. msc3323's new Zoo

    They look wonderful!
  4. My new ZT1 projects

    These all look wonderful!
  5. Partywolf 2017

    It looks great!!!
  6. Zooing again zoo by Zoogrammy

    Beautiful work, ZG!
  7. My phone didn't give me a warning this time!!!
  8. Nana's Night Owl by Z.Z.

    It looks lovely!
  9. This is going to take a while to get used to! (actually, I'm going to blame it all on the fact that the computer I use during lunch just had a total swap out ) Thanks for all your hard work, Jan!
  10. New Quivaz Projects!

    I bet she will, too!
  11. I checked browsers at work...still a no go on Firefox and Chrome, still seems to be okay on IE
  12. New Quivaz Projects!

    Hi Quivaz!!!!! Hope you are able to find some time soon!
  13. I am still getting the warning using Chrome's mobile browser. I will check all my browsers at work tomorrow and report again.

    It's just all crazy!!! Thanks for all your hard work with getting this resolved!
  15. tank fence

    I second the request!