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  1. New board version - to be or not to be...upgraded

    You guys need any help? I have a 1TB hard drive to fill if you need to make backups (plus an uber fast internet speed)
  2. Horse of a Different Color

    Ok guys sorry I've been a bit... in a cocoon about this whole project. I went through a computer switch, all of my files for this project are safely tucked away on my external hard drive, I still have to find and reinstall the programs I was using to recolor it all though which could take a bit of time since the discs are mixed somewhere in this mess. So this project is on hold unless someone else would like to just pick up where I left off and keep on going???
  3. Fantasy Zoo Tycoon

  4. Horse of a Different Color

    Alrighty guys soon as my art programs are reinstalled on my new computer I will be picking this up again. I feel bad I havent worked on this project in a long while, but I lsot all motivation for anything after Matt cheated on me and left me. In all honesty I havent even reinstalled ZT to my computer yet lol Don't worry though I'm getting there again just give me some time. I've gotten myself hooked back on the MMO's i played before either of my two relationships from last year, so this year I only have a few things to distract me. (I hope anyways)
  5. Ask Santa

    dear Santa' I'd like to ask what your reindeer eat. As a kid I always put out carrots for them, but now that I'm older I really wonder if they like those or prefer cookies instead?
  6. Ask Santa

    Dear Santa, I know this is a bit silly of me, but I'd like to know why guys are so dumb to want to give up the person they love when the person they love doesnt want to give up on them. My now ex-fiance and I have been talking alot, he says he loves me, but he is undecided what to do yet, and he acts like he wants me back as much as I want him back one moment then next he is saying stuff he knows I dont like to try and get me to not want him back. So what should I do, and why are guys dumb?
  7. Halloween Contest of 2011!

    Well guys since it seems nobody else is turning in entrees I will say that the two who did enter for real both win first prize lol! Christmas is around the corner so it's time for some Christmas stuff, and for my broken heart to heal.
  8. Halloween Contest of 2011!

    well that's two entries :) Is anyone else working on entries? I'm willing to extend till Christmas if I have to. I only have two so far and it's no fun judging on just two lol!
  9. Results: Cat Cram Crazy

    these were amazing looking!
  10. Halloween Contest of 2011!

    It's alright guys, the deadline isn't until next Saturday if you want to at least try.
  11. Halloween Contest of 2011!

    11 more days until the deadline, I hope more people submit their entry x.x I've only gotten one so far.
  12. Halloween Contest of 2011!

    I hope everyone else is having fun with their entries as well! :)
  13. Halloween Contest of 2011!

    I've gotten it and it's accepted :) I've added it in to my library of entry's but you are the first one so far. I'll begin judging when everyone else is finished :)
  14. Halloween Contest of 2011!

    Not a problem Firehawke :)
  15. Halloween Contest of 2011!

    Nobody needs to let me know what is being used unless it is not in the zipped folders I put up in the first post. :) It would be nice to have a small list though of the animals you used and such. There is a slight reason for next year, but oh well if not then that is fine I'll make a list myself.