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`:smilies-10997:            Welcome to Zoo Tek Phoenix!           :smilies-10997:


Welcome Fall!


Llama Stealing Moose
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  1. Zooing again zoo by Zoogrammy

    Great to see you building again! Gorgeous zoo so far!
  2. Islands in the sun

    Great screens. I love the harbour.
  3. Fountain's Aussie-like zoo

    Great job. Love the entrance, but also the entire lay out.
  4. In Memoriam

    Im saddened to hear this. The items are a beautiful memory
  5. Firehawke's Zoos!

    This is VERY creepy! Love the Kraken!
  6. Zoo Tycoon 1 Illusions

    Such a cool snapshot!

    Looks great! Love the counters! Such possibilities,
  8. Kreek's Zoos

    Yes to both! Green or more earthy colors.
  9. Kreek's Zoos

    Yay, spring break! So instead of rushing out into the sun (Okay so there's ice on the ground, but one can dream of spring), I went in search of the ice flowers. You'll never guess where I found them. They are not beautiful ice flower sculptures. They are prisons! There's a little fairy inside held prisoner by a dragon. Once I knew that, I knew where to look. They are part of this pack: http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=1371
  10. Cromer Zoo

    Love all the monuments!
  11. Kreek's Zoos

    LOL... Love all the speculation. I will delve into it as soon as possible. One day of work to go before spring break. So plenty of time then! Right now Im too tired to start up my zoo tek computer. Its diner and then to bed. (Its evening here now).
  12. Kreek's Zoos

    Fern, what 'stuff' do you mean? Do you refer to the iced water lilly with fairy in the middle? They came from a fairy pack. Pukkie, hm, I might, not sure if I can put in the time, but it's always humbling to know people want this zoo! Thanks, Firehawke. I love the ice age pack but didn't know how to use it until I needed some scenery for the boat rides!
  13. Kreek's Zoos

    The re-designed wolf area with Arctic meercat in the back. And moving further to the back behind the tank with giant squid is a small 'ice age' the movie area where you can paddle your way through. Behind that are the Lama's! And here's the crustacean house showing crabs from the Northern Atlantic, hammerhead sharks and behind all this the wooly rhinosceros. Guests can walk around the crustacean house to view them. And inside the palace, the other side of the christmas area.
  14. Kreek's Zoos

    Thank you, girls! I hope to buid some more this weekend.