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Welcome Fall!

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Creatures A-life series

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bonobo    0

Anyone around here played these somewhat obscure A-life games from the 90s?


For anyone who hadn't played them, they're sort of a cross between virtual pets and an evolution sim. You raise cute alien things called norns (or ettins or grendels) in a wraparound world and teach them how to act, and their AI was revolutionary at the time. They have genes, can be bred, and pass on mutations to their children. All I ever managed to do was breed some unusual colours but it's possible to breed all sorts of weird traits, like give them extra organs and brain lobes, or make them metabolise poisons. Excellent dedicated still-thriving community too, which still pumps out new fan-made breeds and objects. It may crash more often than usual nowadays but c2 always brings me back!


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Anagram    0

I remember that game! I still have it on disc somewhere in this house. I have to track it down now ;w;

It's really excellent that there's still a mod community out there for the game; I'd never thought to check to see if there was. Thank you for reminding me. ^w^

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