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New tool: ZT Studio

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jbl89    0

A new build has just been released.


- there's a major performance boost in a frequently used slow method to determine which part of an image is relevant (= crop all border parts which are fully transparent until we're left with what I refer to as the 'defining rectangle').

- it should fix a regression in opening a couple of graphic files in a row




Build 2017.06.03 looks like this. I thought it was time to add a screenshot so people just following this thread can see how it's progressed.



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jbl89    0

Released a minor update today which addresses an issue with recoloring.


Just tried to recreate the graphics for my two snowy fences from way back, took less than 5 mins to do so, and only 1 .pal file per fence :)
Reading the how-to below will take as long as actually doing this.


Used settings in ZT Studio:

- tab Palette: make sure to check if ZT Studio is forced to add duplicate colors

- tab Writing PNG Graphics: keep canvas size (this will spare you from rotation/offset fixing)



1. have the rockwall and rockwin graphics ready

2. open ZT Studio, open rockwall. Save color palette to .PNG file.
3. open GIMP (or any other graphic editor), recolor bright white (used color curve tool)
4. in ZT Studio, right click the color palette in the main window and choose 'replace with PNG palette'

5. right click and save the .pal file as rockwall.pal (so overwrite original).
Same steps for rockwin.

One thing left to do: rename. This used to involve hex editors and stuff.

1. Batch convert ZT1 to .PNG graphics

2. Rename folder 'rockwall' to for instance 'srckwall', 'rockwin' to 'srckwin'

3. Within that folder, don't forget to rename 'rockwall.pal' (=shared color palette) to 'srckwall.pal', 'rockwin.pal' to 'srckwin.pal'

4. Batch convert .PNG to ZT1 graphics


You can't simply recolor the icon, so that's one thing you'll have to take care of yourself.


Where's ZT Studio more efficient than other tools?

- perfect recoloring; no new .pal files per animation per view; also no need to recolor every single frame yourself
- easily renamed graphics: no hex editing, no weird random combination which says nothing about what you just created


What you still need to do?
- create proper icon
- do the configuration yourself (but in this instance, APE is useless as well, ZOOT was also graphics only)


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