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`:smilies-10997:            Welcome to Zoo Tek Phoenix!           :smilies-10997:


Welcome Fall!


April-May Club Contest

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Spring has arrived, and Earth Day is almost here! :bird23: The beauty and wonder of nature is all around us, and with Spring comes one of the great joys of life; baby animals! :wub: In the spirit of concern for Mother Earth we dedicate this contest to the restoration and protection of the planet and all her inhabitants.

Your mission is to design a zoo with a focus on ecology, conservation, recycling and sustainable living practices. Attached below are many user-made items to compliment a green theme, as well as abundant flowers & trees. You will also find user-made animals that are endangered or critically endangered, as well as some links to more of these animals who live at other ZT sites. Your zoo can be as formal or as wild as you like, but you are encouraged to think "green" in every aspect of the zoo, from paths to plants to potties. You will need to include amenities and attractions to educate, inspire and amuse your guests, as well as keep them comfortable. Your animals must live in highly suitable, well kept exhibits. You may use any small or medium map.

Due to the unique theme of this zoo, if you find other user-made downloads out in the community which relate directly to ecology/conservation/recycling/going green, please post here with a link to the item. Every request will be given consideration on the criteria that the item specifically complements the theme.

Zoos will be scored for zoo rating, animal and guest happiness. Points will be awarded for theme (1-20), map design (1-10), creativity (50-75) and club pride display (1-10). Your pride display should reflect the theme as well. One bonus point will be awarded for each endangered baby animal living in your zoo or that is born during the judging of your zoo. You may house as many of the endangered animals as you like but remember, your animals can become unhappy and fretful easily, so don't overcrowd your zoo.

Send your zoos, along with screenshots and your club pride download to: savannahjan50@yahoo.com by May 31st.

List of acceptable animals:

African Elephant Sumatran Rhino
Black Rhino Saola (2 to choose from)
African Wild Dog Bengal Tiger
Siberian Tiger Indochinese Tiger
Amur Leopard (2 to choose from) South China Tiger
North China Leopard Sumatran Tiger (2 to choose from)
Bonobo Black Leopard
Tapir Clouded Leopard
Chimpanzee Snow Leopard
Lowland Gorilla Giant Panda
Mountain Gorilla Asian Black Bear
Okapi Baiji
Asian Elephant Galapagos Penguin
Sumatran Elephant Hawaiin Monk Seal
Bornean Elephant
Sea Lions
Orangutan Green Sea Turtle
Javan Rhino Northern Right Whale
Sea Otter Bluefin Tuna
Vaquita Leatherback Turtle
Przewalski's Horse Markhor
Whooping Crane Pygmy Hippo
Fishing Cat Hyancinth McCaw
Siamang Red Wolf
Cuvier's Gazelle Mountain Zebra
Addax Maned Wolf
Blue Whale White Bengal Tiger


Ecology Education Center - http://www.ztcdd.org/DG/index.php?topic=5133.0
Rock Edging - http://www.ztcdd.org/DG/index.php?topic=5392.0
Black Cast Iron Fence - http://www.ztcdd.org/DG/index.php?topic=2710.0
Quarter Tile Flower Beds - http://www.ztcdd.org/DG/index.php?topic=4073.0

Leatherback Sea Turtle - http://www.ztcdd.org/DD/index.php?topic=599.0

Zoo Admin
Saola - http://www.zooadmin.net/ZT1/index.php?topic=859.0
Saola - http://www.zooadmin.net/ZT1/index.php?topic=858.0
Northern Right Whale - http://www.zooadmin.net/ZT1/index.php?topic=832.0
IndoChinese Tiger - http://www.zooadmin.net/ZT1/index.php?topic=1257.0
South China Tiger - http://www.zooadmin.net/ZT1/index.php?topic=875.0
Mountain Gorilla - http://www.zooadmin.net/ZT1/index.php?topic=824.0
Bonobo - http://www.zooadmin.net/ZT1/index.php?topic=399.0
Hatchery - http://www.zooadmin.net/ZT1/index.php?topic=1412.0
Zoo Admin .dll file - http://www.zooadmin.net/ZT1/index.php?topic=71.0
Endangered Species Art Gallery - http://www.zooadmin.net/ZT1/index.php?topic=1401.0
Maned Wolf - http://www.zooadmin.net/ZT1/index.php?topic=816.0
Mountain Zebra - http://www.zooadmin.net/ZT1/index.php?topic=826.0

John's site:
Blue Whale - http://johnrn1creations.webs.com/WEBPROTECT-b.htm (this is a huge file)

New Downloads - designed especially for this contest:





Earth Day:

earth day.zip

Leopards Requested items:


gemdiketJungleBeatPack.zip Rainforest pack


Themed Restrooms by ZTU Belgium.zip Restrooms


Pukkie's Requested Items:


DrRButterflyHouseAnd_Statue.zip Butterfly House


Wild Okapi Rest by Jane.zip Okapi's Rest Shelter


http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=1400 Cassowary


Madagascar Amphibian House http://www.ztcdd.org/DD/index.php?topic=4051.0


Animal Info Signs http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=1191







Kids Bike By AQV2.zip


Adult Bike By AQV2.zip


Glass Aviary:




Wind Turbines:





Your club may use the Super Hack by Jordan, Zoo Tek Research Hack by LAwebTek, and MM Freeform unlock from ZA. I have included them here for your convenience. You will also find all 3 Developer Items files from ZA. If you use these, please be sure that all club members have them in their games.


*Please note, everyone. It is vitally important that we all respect our fellow club members, so please do not make sweeping changes to another person's work. Sometimes you may need to make a slight adjustment, like moving something over a square or two to make space. Another exception might be to correct an obvious omission or make small additions to improve exhibit suitability. Sometimes a gate might need to be moved because it's blocked. I've been guilty of 'fixing' things, so I'm also talking about myself. Let's all be courteous and report any problems we find to give that club member a chance to fix it first. Thanks again to each of you for taking part in the clubs; it's great to all be working together again.

Tek downloads in next post.

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Have fun.... and let the asking for more downloads begin! :tongue:

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:woot-smiley: Question!! Since we have the developer items, is the map editor allowed?

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Yes, points will be awarded for editing of the outer map. I can attach the map editor if anyone needs it.

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question: is

John's site: Blue Whale - http://johnrn1creati...EBPROTECT-b.htm (this is a huge file)


this his his Blue Whale correct ?


edit: I think we may have duplicate files - I think we had them both as singles & in a pack



Art Gallery1



edit: could we have some sort of glass aviary for a greenhouse? Unfortunately the only one I know of is at Zoo Tycoon Unleashed.

Edited by Ashea

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Yes, that is supposed to be the blue whale link over at John's site. I think it is 9MB or more. If anyone has trouble with the link, I will post the file here and then remove it once everyone has had a chance to download.


Ashea, are you able to attach in this thread? If so, could you please upload the duplicate files? If not, please post these in our private thread; I'm not finding the duplicate, but then again, I'm sick, again.


We can certainly have a greenhouse. Club members, if you have a greenhouse or glass looking building, could you please post it here? If anyone has the greenhouse from ZTU, that would be great. As always once the contest is underway or near the finish, we will remove any download we have attached from other sites. Thanks.

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Edited by ARIZNANA

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