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Suggested New Forum: Science for Nature/Nature for Science

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Some posts don't seem to fit very well into "Passion for the Natural World" categories, so I propose --pause for minor fanfare before a sock is quickly shoved into the ceremonial trumpet-- A New Forum.


It would be a place to post news (or new to Tekkies) of:


Sub-forum A: Post techniques, accommodations, discoveries, data that benefit, mostly, wild animals, insects, their food and habitat fauna, etc.

Example: locations of tunnels that assist small animals crossing under a road during mating or migration season.


Note: Discoveries of new species would stay in "Nature News", maybe adding that as a tag to the title.


Sub-forum B: Post news how/what we learn from their body movement, communication techniques, superior smell, eyesight, etc.

Example: robot bat flight


Sub-forum C: Post proposed changes to or additions of regulations/laws (any location on the planet) that benefit or could harm habitats. This is for links to more information and a short comment as to why it may be/is important. Keep the comment to facts and concerns. This forum is not for arguing about the policy.

Example: Coal mines may now be allowed to dump mining debris directly into waterways and what this debris do fish habitat.


Additionally, I suggest adding a forum or sub-forum in Zoo News or Passion for the Natural World that celebrates new park reserves, sanctuaries, and expansions of those places.

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