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`:smilies-10997:            Welcome to Zoo Tek Phoenix!           :smilies-10997:


Welcome Fall!


ZZs Staff Trap Tutorial

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People sometimes have issues with maintenance staff wandering around the zoo instead of maintaining the tank filters causing the tank water to turn green, or zookeepers wandering around the zoo and not getting to a pile of poo, or marine specialists wandering around the zoo and not replenishing animal food causing the animals to become hungry.


And as we all know, green water, old poo, and hungry animals make the guests unhappy, but it’s very tedious to have to keep picking up staff members and dropping them at their job, causing us to wonder what on earth we are paying them for anyway?


To eliminate this issue, I trap my staff so the only place they can go is in and out of their assigned exhibits!


Pic 1 - First I lay out the exhibit with fresh water, because a gate can not be placed against water terrain.

My usual exhibit size is 10 x 15 tiles, but for this tutorial I made it 10 x 10.


Pic 2 – Then I place the trap area with salt water, which is 3 x 3 tiles.


Pic 3 – Using a non water terrain, I put in 2 tiles where I want the gate to go, one inside the exhibit and one outside the exhibit in the trap area, so that there is walkable terrain on both sides of the gate, which will cause the gate to be placed there only.




Edited by Z.Z.

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Pic 4 – The exhibit fence or tank wall is installed around the entire exhibit except where the gate will be.


Pic 5 – The gate is placed, which creates the exhibit or tank.


Pic 6 – The trap area is changed from salt water to a walkable terrain, 3 x 3 tiles.





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Pic 7 – The Tank Filter is placed in the inner corner of the trap area. This step is skipped for non marine exhibits.


Pic 8 – Flowerbeds are placed along the outer edge of the trap area. I use flowerbeds because they are pretty and the guests like them, but large rocks or single tile statuary can also be used. Staff can walk through decorative fences, small rocks and most foliage, so those don’t work very well.


Pic 9 – Staff is added, keepers are assigned to the exhibit, maintenance are assigned to tank filters only, or in the case of terrestrial exhibits, fence maintenance only (unless the invisible fence is used, in which case no maintenance is required for fencing).


The trap area leaves at least 3 tiles for staff to walk on outside of the exhibit, which gives them room to step out of the exhibit, walk for 2 tiles, and reset their scan, so as soon as the animals require something, the staff is right there to hop to it and earn all that money we pay them.


And viola! The tanks are always clean, there is no poo, the animals always have food, and the guests are happy! :D




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And naturally it put the pics in backwards....


Hopefully you can see what is going on anyway ;)


Well, I tried to fix it and it didnt help, but if you hover your cursor over the pics it will tell you which pic it is :)

Edited by Z.Z.

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Z.Z., that is such a clever way to corral the staff. The explanation is clear and the pics illustrate it perfectly. Thanks so much!

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Excellent!! I'm going to move this to our Phoenix University tutorials section :)

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Thanks, Z.Z.


The only problem this time was the exhibits were already built. But I noticed something on the ones I did manage to trap. It looked like they were walking in place, up against a wall and didn't go near the filter, except in one instance. How the heck do I beat the heck out of them and make them work.


And also, sometimes when I put them in front of a broken fence, they'd RUN, not walk away. Can I trip them or have the bears, kitties, etc. take a bite out of their butt to make them move. I had a few "escapees" in my zoo. Not good..

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You can trap them on pre built exhibits too, just surround the exhibit gate with flowerbeds leaving 3 spaces open for them to walk in, one in front of the gate and one on either side of the gate.

I had one that appeared to be walking in place, but he took care of the filter anyway.


Not sure why they would run away from a broken fence, unless the game had already listed an animal as escaped.

There is a cheat code though, name a male maintenance worker Bob V and it repairs all your fences, then next time you need them repaired, just click on him, highlight his name with your cursor and press enter on your keyboard.

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