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Fixing Bugged User Animals

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I'm interested in working on user-made animals (Such as Penguinman's Dart Fraogs and Tree Frog) so that they may stay balanced in the game. Must I have permission from the original creator to "update" such bugged animals? I'm not interested in taking credit for the updates, I just want to see these animals work in a balanced way in-game.


For example, Penguinman's Strawberry Dart Frog, Blue Dart Frog, Yellow Dart Frog, and Green Tree Frog all cannot breed, and die of old age. To counteract this imbalance, I want to make the animals virtually immortal (they can still get sick and die, just NOT old age) because breeding can get out of hand FAST.


I would also bring this to other animals in the game, such as user created snakes and other small animals for small showcases. The larger animals are balanced enough between old age and breeding that they don't need this fix, but small animals such as the snakes and amphibians and birds need this badly in order to be balanced.



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If it's only for your own use, you can edit virtually anything, it's if you plan to upload it publicly that it tends to become problematic.


I have an irregular contact with Penguinman and he has said a few times that he considers all of his creations public domain at this point - as in, anybody may edit them as they wish, and upload as long as proper credit is given.

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