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Thunder    0

Thought I'd show a little something that I created using the invisible fence. It has most certainly been done, but I loved it so much that I wanted to share it with everyone.


I never realized for the LONGEST time that this could be made. It just looks like they are in a completely uncaged lake! (IF you eagle-eyed people can't already see the little black dots on where the exhibit boundary actually is!)


For some reason the drag-n-drop method of posting pictures isn't working. :( I had to use the uploader, which is weird. They are .jpg after all, taken directly using the in-game snapshot hotkey.







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Thunder    0

It looks great! Don't you just love the invisible fencing?!?!?


You bet.


I finished all surrounding exhibits. Prepare for a torrent of snapshots!



Moose and Black Bear with hidden foliage.



European Wildcat, Grizzly Bear, and Gray Wolf with hidden foliage.



Moose and Black Bear with foliage on. I also made the watering holes in each exhibit flow to the Crocodile Lake. I love natural looking stuff like that.



European Wildcat, Gray Wolf, and Grizzly Bear with foliage on.



View of all exhibits from the 1024x768 resolution view.


I have found a love for the invisible fence. And a newfound love for Zoo Tycoon!

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Everything looks great, Thunder. The invisible fence completely transforms the game, it is a must for me. So happy to see you branching out and trying new techniques.

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