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Hot Chocolate Stand by Genkicoll

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Here is the timeline:

2003: Ben&Jerry - internal name hotchoco
2005: Jane created own icon also using internal name hotchoco, which she eventually used in several of her buildings
2007: Jay created sold item list at ZKL to help avoid such conflicts
2013: gcHotCocoaStand - internal name hotchoko, which is different than hotchoco
2016/2017: Jane renamed her hotchoco item to hetchokl and also removed the item from a couple of her buildings
So Jay would not have checked for the conflict at the time you created it. I did not pick it up until I decided to complete genki's building.
I have a list of all your buildings that had it if you need it, although I think you have probably caught them all.


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I appreciate this Fern, thank you for the effort. Yes the list had been useful earlier but better late then never, It is very helpful and I will check more often. I don't use english words much to avoid problems but back then I had no idea. Yes I believe I have changed my stuff now., but thank you anyway...:hug2:

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