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It's a Mystery

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It’s a mystery


Do you love a mystery?  Then this zoo is for you.   There are 4 mystery animals to be found from the clues given.  These animals are not listed in the allowed animal list and are not in-game animals, instead you must determine what they are from the clues given.  All animals can be found here at Tek.


Mystery Animal 1:

In winter you’re cold-my home is  hot,

Believe it or not.

My cousin is tall but I am small,

Others fly but we must walk,

Oh how the Kookaburras love to talk.


Mystery Animal 2:

South of the border I do roam.

Take a walk in the rainforest at night

And you will see my eyes shine bright,

The rest of me you cannot see,

And when I scream the natives flee.


Mystery Animal 3:

In the land of the Samuri I do roam

When crossing a river you need to beware

For with jaws open wide, I swallow things whole


Mystery Animal 4:

With four legs and a horn I walk around

In the forests of the world

Some say I exist others say I’m a fairy tale,

Some may see me, some may not

For you must be pure of heart


Use the attached map for your zoo:  Mystery Zoo.zoo


Allowed Animals: 

Any of the in-game animals

Alpaca Pack:  http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/784-alpaca-pack-by-ghirin/

Altai Golden Eagle:  http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/2023-altai-golden-eagle-by-ghirin/

American Robin & Eastern Bluebird:  http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/1576-american-robin-and-eastern-bluebird-by-genkicoll/

Arctic Fox by Ryno:  http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/2030-arctic-fox-by-ryno/

Australian Brush Turkey:  http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/1294-australian-brush-turkey-by-and-1/

Bald Eagle:  http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/2433-bald-eagle-by-ghirin/

Bali Tiger:  http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/1292-bali-tiger-by-moondawg/

Barbados Blackbelly Sheep:  http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/730-barbados-blackbelly-sheep-by-ghirin/

Black Giant Squirrel:  http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/2247-black-giant-squirrel-by-jordan/

Black Wildebeest:  http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/1413-black-wildebeast-by-g2k/

Chinese White Bear:  http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/1754-chinese-white-bear-by-ghirin/

European Horses:  http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/1343-european-horse-pack-singles-by-genkicoll/



Gobi Pack:  http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/1382-gobi-pack-by-and-1/

Great Plains Wolves:  http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/1958-great-plains-wolf-by-ghirin/

Grolar Bear:  http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/2441-grolar-bear-by-coolperson5/

Harp Seal:  http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/1685-harp-seal-by-ghirin/

Highland Rhesus Macaque:  http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/1404-highland-rhesus-macaque-by-ghirin/

Himalayan Wolf:  http://www.ztcdd.org/DG/index.php?topic=5140.0

Hooded Seal:  http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/1622-hooded-seal-by-ghirin/

Houou Phoenix and Firebird Peafowl:  http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/1405-houou-phoenix-and-firebird-peafowl-by-genkicoll/

Hyacinth Macaw & Blue-headed Parrot:  http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/2414-hyacinth-macaw-and-blue-headed-parrot-by-genki/

Nordic Lynx:  http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/1856-nordic-lynx-by-jordan/

North African Wildcat:  http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/1057-north-african-wildcat-by-ghirin/

Patas Monkey:  http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/1684-patas-monkey-by-ghirin/

Pern Dragons:  http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/1419-pern-dragons-by-dragon-riders/

Proboscis Monkey:  http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/1585-proboscis-monkey-by-jordan/

Rhesus Macaque:  http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/1482-rhesus-macaque-by-g2k/

Siamese Crocodile: 


Vervet Monkey:  http://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/1448-vervet-monkey-by-bigcatkeeper/


Toodlepops Discovery Houses:  http://www.ztcdd.org/DG/index.php?topic=5150.0 **** updated link


File 1:  Mystery Buildings.ZIP

File 2:  Mystery Fences-Fountains-Paths.ZIP

File 3:  Mystery Foliage.ZIP

File 4:  Mystery Rocks-Shelters.ZIP

File 5:  Mystery Scenery 1.ZIP

File 6:  Mystery Scenery 2.ZIP

File 7:  Mystery Scenery 3.ZIP

File 8:  Mystery Scenery 4.ZIP

File 9:  Mystery Statues.ZIP


***** New File ***** File 10:  ZZ Requests-Mystery Zoo.ZIP



:bump:  Final Additions:

Brandi's Dianthus Garden:  

South American Discovery Pack:  http://www.ztcdd.org/DG/index.php?topic=5820.0

Cobblestone Cliffs:  http://www.ztcdd.org/DG/index.php?topic=5379.0




Mystery Zoo Spreadsheet:  Mystery Zoo Spreadsheet.ZIP



1.           Zoo stats

2.           25 points for each mystery animal in your zoo

3.           50 additional points if you have all four in your zoo

4.           10 points for each restaurant/food stand earning over 50,000.


Name your zoo MysteryZoo(your name)


Submit your zoos by midnight local time, February 28 to secondone4u2@yahoo.com







Edited by mrpcle

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This sounds very exciting! I love a good story and mysteries are at the top of my list!

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Oh my, the suspense is going to kill me!  :chillout:

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I :4uboxsmiley: mysteries too.. but PLEASE!!! No Spongebob!!!  :gaah_:   :worship:       LOL

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Safari hats are awesome,

(Savannah animals are fun, though Rainforest is my favorite.) as long as Spongebob (and Barney the Purple Dinosaur) are NOT involved in it... LOL

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I'd like to take a safari through the rainforest lol.  (Barney I could handle.  Spongebob ... Nope!)

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I LOVE SpongeBob!  And he and I are both ready to go on safari.   We're ready, we're ready, we're ready! :runcirclsmiley2:


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No, no, no!!!!   I'll boycott!!!   Seriously, I don't think I'd build if it involves Spongebob..  LOL


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