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`:smilies-10997:            Welcome to Zoo Tek Phoenix!           :smilies-10997:


Welcome Fall!

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Zoo Tycoon 2: Paranoia

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The Z-studio Brings you the opportunity of adopt more than 25 cryptids and mythological animals, from the awesome Loch ness monster to a giant dragon from the middle age. Allow to aliens and zombies to visit your zoo, guide to your guests through an enchanted house and give them the biggest shout of their lives. Follow the Z-studio top secret files to know more about the new acontent and make to your zoo the creepiest of all!


Here are some of the new animals, and feactures of the xp.



The Cadejo the phantom dog fron central america.




Amarok the giant wolf from inuit mythology




Black Cat the bad luck cat




Shunk Warakin the carrier of dogs




Giant Rat the giant rats from new york city




The Vegetable Lamb of Tartary the strange plant from nepal




UFOs i know wath you are thinking, is an ambient, but it isn't, with this new feacture your guests can get a ride on flying saucers and fly through you zoo.





for more info visit the z-studio site:



Edited by zelda-maniack

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Guest mist_shadow   
Guest mist_shadow

:Yess_: :Yess_: :Yess_: :Yess_: OMG!!! this is sooooo awsome!!!! I cant wait till Paranoia comes out!!!!!! I'v beem looking every where for a giant rat!! ever since I read the Underland Series I'v been obsessed with them. SOOOO AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S. will you be able to just download the expantion or will I have to do something more?

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Guest The Y2J Problem   
Guest The Y2J Problem

Welcome back Zelda. This XP rules. The UFO ride may just be the best thing in this.

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Giant Anaconda the gigiantic monster snake, from the amazon.





UFO rides station here is were the UFO rides take off.





Gothic Thmed Scenery, Buildings, and more... The Paranoia elected theme is the Gothic.




Tatzelwurm the snake-like dragon from the Alps, with no hind legs.

(new skin)





Phantom Kangaroo the phantasmagoric assasin kangaroo.





Thunderbird the monster-size birds from Native American tradition.





Leviathan the marine dragon from the mediterranean.





Italian Unicorn the horned horse from the european forests.





New Maps we will incloude a variety of totally new maps, that incloude: Skookum meadows, Honey island swamp and the Loch ness!





Mega Fungus the gigantic mushroomreported on the indonesian forests.





Haunted House the Haunted Hous will make scream your guests!





Mystery Meat it looks like meat, but any one knows wath it is...





Hogzilla the colossal monster pig, form the U.S.A.



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many days without an update...here is one of the world's famous cryptids...I hope you like...






the mysterious rural blood sucker killer, that terrifies Latin America



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Staff Needed


Courently we need:

  • 1 writer
  • 2 Testers
  • 2 Photographers

Photographer: To take pics of the animals, for the Animal Escapades and other publicity content of our projects.



  • Have experience, taking pics of zoo tycoon 2
  • Have the four zoo tycoon 2, expansion-packs (Endangered especies, African Adventure,Marine Mania and Extinct Animals
  • Have enough time to work.

Tester: For test the content of our projects.



  • Have experience testing
  • Have the four zoo tycoon 2 expansion-packs (Endangered Especies, African Adventure, Marine Mania and Extinct Animals)
  • Lover of detail
  • Capable of keep secrets
  • Know about basic coding
  • capable of detect small and big glitches and bugs.
  • Have enough time to work

Writer: For write animal escapades and other publicity stories of our projects.



  • Lover of detail
  • Have a good imagination
  • Creative
  • Have good vocabulary
  • Have enough time to work

If you want to apply to one of this jobs:


Send an e-mail to the following address:




The e-mail have to contain the following:

  • Why you want to apply to this job?
  • Some information about you
  • if you are applyng for tester, a pic of an animal coded by you, and incloude a list of 10 things that you consider as a bug, or glitch.
  • If you are applyng for Photographer, incloude, 10 of your best zoo tycoon 2 pics
  • if you are applying for writer, write a little animal escapade

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Hughesy    0

Wow they are all top quality looking downloads, and I was goign to apply for one of the Jobs but Iam going on hlidays in a week so I have limited time. Amazing work so far though

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