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New smilies!

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The Christmas smilies are all packed away for a nice, long rest. Hope you will enjoy the wintry/snowy smilies.



:120103_emTE58_prv: :snowing:

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Well, there is good news and bad news...
I have been working on the smilies and was able to rescue some of our favorite Fall/Autumn ones.  :fall-smiley:  That's a bit of good news.  The bad news is that because I had to download them from the 'old' folder on the server onto my personal computer, and then re-upload them, their file name has changed.  In posts from last year using these smilies; there will now be an X and the descriptive code, but sorry, no image.  This is very, very irritating.  


A bit of news that I suppose is good:  When you are typing a post and you click on the smilie face to select an emoticon/smilie,  you will see on the top right of the smilie box the word 'Categories'.  Click on the down arrow and you will see several to choose from.  So far we have:


Overview - will display all of the smilies

Emoticons - The first category that transferred a small set from our old version

Fall - All of the fall smilies I could recognize and re-upload


Because we have a ton of smilies that will eventually be added to this new version, it will be very difficult scroll through all of them looking for the particular one you want to add.  To try and make this much easier, I will be adding in lots of various categories for you to choose from.  I will at some point change the name of the 'Emoticons' category to some other name, but for now, this will hold all the generic, everyday smilies we use most often, like :hug2::uglyhammer::poke::bump::worship:

Some definite categories are:




Christmas  (which will include Hanukkah, etc)

New Year / Winter

Valentine's Day

St. Patrick's  Day






Please post here if you have a request for additional categories.  If we have or can find smilies for that Theme, we will add them.



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I've added a lot of new smilies in a few new categories; check them out! :staket3:

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Ooooo! Lemmee see! :D


:hug2: Huggywugs!

:clap: Purpular happy claps!

:candycat: Da kitty!

:sample_hhouse: Ooooo! Spooky!

:sample_bdayhug: Birfday bloons!

:yodelsmiley: Yodels!

:bth_fallcatleaf: Da kitty more!

:xmooset:Da moose!


What fun! Thanks Jan! :D  :worship:



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