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Adding signature attachments to your posts

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How to add signature attachments to your posts


1. Go to the signature attachments for club members thread in our club.

2. Post your name and then attach the gifs that you would like to use; your own or some of the club signatures. Click “add reply”

3. Next right click on the gif in your post that you want to use. On the pop up menu, click on properties.

4.Highlight (click and drag) the address of the gif on the properties window. Then press “control” and “C” to copy the address. Close the window.

5. Next go to “My Controls” at the top of the Forum page right under the Zoo Tek banner.

6. On “My controls” page, click on “Edit signature”

7.Your current signature will show up on this page if you have one. In the box below your signature it says “Edit your signature”, click on the “insert image” icon.

8. A box will pop up that is a script prompt, and a flashing cursor. Press “control” and “V” to paste the gif address into the box. Click OK. It will place your gif address into the signature box.

9. Then click on “update my signature” and your new updated signature will appear in “Your current signature” box. You will need to refresh your browser page one or two times before you will see the changes to your posts.


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Thank you ZooGrammy. I love yours, They are so nice looking all of them, You must be very proud.

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