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 :welcometrainf: Welcome to Zoo Tek Phoenix !:welcome:




Firehawke's Zoos!

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Speaking of animals, take a look at what Colorful Zoo is currently caring for!


First up, Indian Peafowl…




Across from them, we have the Bornean Orangutan!




On the other side of the peafowl, we have the Koalas…



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One of our current conservation efforts rights now focuses on Giant Pandas. Colorful Zoo features an education center and special viewing areas so the pandas do not become overwhelmed and startled.








Don’t forget…Colorful Zoo also focuses on plant conservation!





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Towards the back of the zoo, we feature some African animals, namely Reticulated and Masai Giraffes, African Bush Elephants, and African Penguins. Guests can view the large animals inside and outside.











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The zoo also features the Giant Galapagos Tortoise,




The European Porcupine,




And the European Genet.




Finally, we have a wetlands area, featuring the Black Necked Swan, the Black Swan, the Channel Catfish, and the North American Bullfrog.






We hope you enjoyed your brief tour of Colorful Zoo!



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Here's my latest entry for the Feral contest...I was speedy, too! It went live on Monday (I think)...I was done Monday night!


Welcome to the grand unveiling of the newly redecorated corner of our zoo!


Our staff had a lot of fun coming up with ideas…they hope you like them!



All of the exhibits feature a bit of a Christmas touch, made, of course, of items that are safe for the special inhabitants of each area.

First up, the Moose don’t mind the twinkling lights of Christmas trees!


The Wild Boars have some presents to unwrap, featuring their favorite treat…apples!


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The Fennec Foxes also have presents…it looks like their little noses may be sniffing out the beefy goodness inside!


The Okapis have a new neighbor…a bit frosty, but he won’t melt! He has his special magic hat on!


Follow the candy cane arches to the special Christmas restaurant…


Or the gift shop to buy gifts for all of your friends…and support the zoo at the same time!


Now it’s off to the North Pole!


Here you will find 8 reindeer…do you know their names??? Maybe one will come over to the special feeding station if you call them! You can feed them carrots and apples. They are especially fond of the carrots, since last Christmas a baby wombat ate all of them! (thumbs up to those who get the reference!)


And last, but certainly not least, you will find our Trio of Trees, very special since they are all giving trees! Any gifts that you leave at the tree will go to the local children’s hospital, veteran’s home, and homeless shelter! If you do not have a gift, please consider gifting your time…it is greatly appreciated!


Thank you for your visit…Merry Christmas!


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Just now seeing the Colorful Zoo. I love those beautiful fence pieces, they are wonderful. Everything in the zoo looks so good; almost like being there.


Your Christmas zoo is really lovely. I didn't realize there was so many seasonal decorative items for ZT2. Love it!

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Thanks!!! :822do: :hug2:


I'm glad that there's someone out there who loves the fences as much as I do!!! (I've been getting comments on another site that they are too colorful and that I overused them :sSig_lumpofcoal: I was able to use the set for this contest because I got advanced access to them since I won (by default) the October contest. The prize for this particular contest is that the top 3 vote getters will have their zoos featured on YouTube (the contest runner has a channel and features different zoos...it's called Zookeeper's Wanted)! I was informed that my entry will go up on Friday...by default again. Hoping my December entry isn't a default winner for a third time.


Aren't those decorations fun?!?!? I used the presents that are found in the animal enrichment tab for the fennec foxes and the wild boars. Everything else came from two packs created by Z-Studios!

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