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`:smilies-10997:            Welcome to Zoo Tek Phoenix!           :smilies-10997:


Welcome Fall!

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I have decided to leave PPNE in existence. There's too much work there for it to be deleted on a whim.However, I am restricting access to it. This will help me save time on maintenance. The link at the top of the site will remain the same & you will be able to log in as a level 2 administrator using a password. You will need to contact me for the password via PM & it will be restricted to those members who are active at Tek with more than thirty vslid posts and a properly validated Tek account. Casual visitors will not be allowed in.


I'm going to tidy the layout up a little, the index pages I added will not work in the new format but I will keep you updated once I have worked out the best way around this.


PM me if you want to have access.

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Just completed a trawl through data going back to 2004 to update the prehistoric animals. Several new families of fish & crustaceans have been added. When the prehistorics are updated I will be adding a new section for horseshoe crabs.

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